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Listen up everyone!

djbob2, the man who has taken over the upgrading of IBStore to work on Invision forums 2.1, has released an Alpha version of IBstore.

This version is obviously VERY BUGGY. It's of course not even in Beta stage yet, let alone ready for final release. So basically the store is functional. But please go through as much as you can and try to do lots of things (if you're knowledgable try to exploit stuff) and if you find:

Any errors

Any bugs

Any typos

Report them here in this post and I'll refer them back to djbob over at Invisionize so he can fix them. Why is this important I here you ask? Well, don't ask silly questions. The sooner we get all the bugs fixed, the sooner we have a final release, and as soon as we have that I will be making us a Gangs System again!

Go to the Store now.... i'll add a link in the header soon for you guys.

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OMG I have no money either, weird. I'll check whats up with that.

Oh and BTW you won't get any money for posting at the moment, it's not a bug it's just not implemented yet.

EDIT: I checked the database and we all still have our money, but for some reason it's not being shown in the store :S

But if you check the richest members, it shows your money.

BTW, you currently cannot have more than 2,147,483,647 dollars. Unless you have some in the bank, but you can't, because it won't let you bank the money because it does not show the money. So Oscar will be the richest until we get that fixed.

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