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do you like this idea?

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This would be heaven, dude, one of the best ideas I've heard, but... it's never gonna happen and you know why? Because that would be illegal (alteration of the game), or maybe not, but the silly market will find an excuse anyways for it, not to happen.

But if it happened, it would be a true REVOLUTION for the gamers, and of course, the programmers. ;-)

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Mods are actually really hard to make. If you had a big choice of customizable options (eg choose a shirt, choose patter, choose colour) thats a different thing to making your own textures and models.

True, true...

Modding is quite tricky and it isn't the same as customising. If pigs would fly and R* would make a simple app for installing mods, it still wouldn't have a 3D modeling, coding, texturing, converting program included.

If you wanna make mods, you'll get the tools you need. If you just want to see more customising features (player model, haircut, clothing, modding cars at stores...) write that in GTA4 wishist. (although nobody reads that... :zZZ: )

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Cool idea. They should make a... say a "editing" area where you can do all the mods. If you want to transfer something such as images or mod downloads from a GTA specific website, then you should be able to using a USB flash disk. Something easily transferrable instead of people having to buy seperate software and stuff. Makes our lives easier.

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It would be good, cept for that part saying putting you're own mods. Not all of us are good modders so we would probably just want to download someone elses mod and use them. and the part about putting them in a memory card, no. Memory cards dont have enough memory, so you would probably just get 8 or so medium sized mods untill you cant download anymore. If everyone gets like a hard drive oe somthing, it might be possible.

In other words, if you want mods so badly, get the PC version

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