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Hay glad to see other skaeboard fans on the forum. Well i also skate and have been skating for a 6 years now and can do quite alot. My deck steup at the moment is

Danny Garcia Habbitat deck

Venture low's (trucks)

Ricta Blues

Monkey Bolts

Jessups Grip

Speed Demon Barrings Abec 5

I can do just about standard street skating stuff like 360 flip nollie nillie flip kickflip heelflip, frontside flip,backside flip, the best thing so far that i have done and it was a real rare incedint and that was i boarslid a hand rail down a set of 5

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uh Skyline no ofense but *you* sound like a poser...

I landed an ollie while riding yesterday!?!

that's pretty lame ;)


Your acting kind of low. You say you can do all of this stuff when you could just be lying :rolleyes: anyway, Doesnt matter if you cant even ollie...as long as your having fun. These days everyone cares about the tricks you can do.... :weird:

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dont think you guys are the only skaters here ive been skating for about 5 years now i used to skate with a buch of friends but they all quit and its only me and two other guys

ah, I cant stand that. When my friends skate for like a year and act all big then they quit. Rather because there knees gave out (starting to happen on me) or they suck so they just quit.

I also cant stand the posers that aer all talk. Like they say they can like crooked a rail when they cant even ollie :rolleyes:

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well whoever said I was lying about the tricks I can do (forgot who said it) is wrong...

I've been skating like 2 years.

Well anyways it's cool to see that other people here skate too.

P.s. When I said Skyline was a poser, it's because I thought he hit that other kid because he was a poser (as in can't skate good) so I called Skyline a poser...

There's 2 different kinds of posers.

1. People who suck at skating

2. People who basically act like skaters but never even try

And I thought he meant the first one so sorry...

Actually to me the first definition shouldn't even be there, cause everybody sucks at skating when they first start. remember being called "poser" when I first started from all the other good skaters, it sucks <_<

P.s.s. What kind of skate shoes do you guys wear?

I wear a different shoe on each foot... my left shoe is Globe Mullen S4 and my right shoe is DvS Trenton.

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I don't have any parks local to where I live really, there isn't anywhere good to skate around here.

I just skate usually on the road most the time, so I'm pretty good at flip tricks.

My best trick is still a 360 flip.

All it takes to be good at akating is lots of practice, and try not to be afraid of bailing or getting hit by the board, cause it will happen a lot!

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My best trick is still a 360 flip.

thats about the 3rd time you have said that :rolleyes:

anyway, Theres 5 parks in my area. well I wouldnt say really close but where I usally skate:

FDR - phili

Woodenwaves - reading

Boarderline skatepark - west chester (that park is like my home :D I'm going there now)

360 skate spot - I dunno..somewhere :whistle:

Title10 - phili (biggest bowl on the east coast

I skated my pool when we were refinishing it last april. We had to drain it and it wasnt getting redone for like another 2 weeks so I just skated it...it was great!

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