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Sexual Preference

Jezz Torrent


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  1. 1. What is your sexual preference?

    • Straight
    • Gay
    • Bi
    • Not interested in sex or love at all

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lawl your sig is showing height difference and overbite and underbite.

but yeah go give them all big a hug and say, "guys...im gay."

It sure is.. Actually they're just stand weird (if thats what you're talking about..)

And I don't think I'd be able to just come out(pun) and say it like that...

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As a parent I would have mixed feelings about one of my kids being gay, but their still my kid & I would have to tell them

that they need to do what makes them really happy.

I'd be more concerned that I did my job by teaching them right from wrong, honor, ethics.. things like that.

Besides, sexual preference has been linked to the size of the hypothalamus, part of the brain. The theory is that you're

"hardwired" for your preference. Almost funny when some religious type gets to ranting about offending God when he created

you that way in the first place (except for the fear/hate issue).

It'll be awkward & uncomfortable, but the people who really care about you will accept you & continue to care about you.

Bear - Working on another installment of the "Ducks of Castro Street"? Keep 'em coming!

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It's just a bit pointless saying that - and saying its "the best on" is a little retarded. Does that mean you've decided in your infinite wisdom that that is the best, or that you've chosen that one? It isnt a choice at all - I'd love to be straight (as in.. normal) but there's absolutely no chance of it.

I'm not being nasty, I'm saying I have to deal with loads of straight people (loads in this topic!) that seem to assume that we've chosen to be gay because its better or something. They also assume we don't realise that straight=normal, and that gets annoying.

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