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Sexual Preference

Jezz Torrent


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  1. 1. What is your sexual preference?

    • Straight
    • Gay
    • Bi
    • Not interested in sex or love at all

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Brings to mind an old Monty Python skit.


The gesture of "flipping the bird" (showing an extended middle finger) dates back to medieval times when a land was

conquered. Apparently it was common practice to remove the middle fingers of the vanquished people. It affected their

ability to use a bow & arrow, rendering them virtually useless in battle. Showing the middle finger was an act of defiance

to show they escaped that fate.

This new bomb could elevate "Mooning" too new heights.

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Thats pretty crazy..


Anywho. I was thinking about telling my family and some friends that I am gay today. I was thinking of writing my parents a sort of letter telling them, and have them read it while I am at school tomorrow.. I think I'm gonna write this thing tonight, and put it out for them to read before I leave tomorrow. And I'm really close to telling a few friends right now, I think they'll know by tomorrow..

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I prefer girls to boys.
Wow how unusual. Tell me more. /not

I've joined our Uni's LGBT society, so we'll be going clubbing every now and then which will be awesome.

What's LGBT?

@Andrew - Congrats :cheers:

@steveyboy - Do you really GO GO GO for them or wait till they notice you? Huge difference.

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I'm hetero( at least I think I am) but in my class if they find anyone gay they wouldnt leave him alone, they would probably smash his... well you know

Wow... Alot of people these days act as if Gay people are not humans, even my school does most of this and none of the teachers are doing anything. I believe one pupil in my school was gay and he was bullied for quite a while, and now, most of the younger students which are starting their first time in Secondary school are beginning to see why it's good to insult pupils that are gay. The School Rep is deciding to place some type of rule to stop this from happening and let pupils be gay. I have nothing really against that but it's just that some people act as if it's wrong.

Also, Sniperspeed, I don't know what this 'thing' is. Care to enlighten me?

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