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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Awesome. Those old pics bring back memories Spaz.

Anyway, here's a pic of me, being a dickhead, wearing my shades indoors... trying too hard to look like Richard Kruspe much :P


Tomorrow I'll be even more of a prick and immitate this particular picture:


The only reason I'm doing this is because my hair is really shitty and I only realised today that with a little effort I could actually look like a member of Rammstein, minus the muscular body, thus making my image ever so slightly cooler. =]

EDIT: Took another pic hehe, had to mirror it though as I looked the wrong way. Damn I'm being a tool now...


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Oh yes. "sexy muthafucka" pics that I took at 2am. Imagine how uber I will look if I take some when I'm actually awake and stuff.

You should know responses like that give me a massive ego boost :P

We'll see what other members say about me... ^_^

Claudia: u look sexy with those sunglasses

Chris: really?

Claudia: hell yea

Chris: i thought u were jokin

Claudia: how can i?

Claudia: u look great

Chris: thanks

Claudia: i would fuck you every night

Claudia: and day

Chris: good

Claudia, te iubesc atat de mult

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lol okayyy. i dont know what it looks like short, my hairs short.

oh yeah and spaz whats with the seethrough clothes? looks sorta stupid.

You mean the fishnet? That is noticable in all of FOUR pictures? And you take the time to mention the fishnet, but not the fact that I'm wearing a SKIRT? Hm..... Wow....

And I can name a whole bunch of females who would disagree with you. ;)

It's pretty funny, I came to check if there were any replies to this topic and it's all, "38 minutes ago", and I'm like, "Oh, wow. What timing".



Yes, I play mini-golf.


More slave.boy stuff. That's Pyro's girlfriend. Isn't she a cutie?


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Oh God, just what we need..... A seven year old.

I'm going to try to work with you, here.

This is a thread about pictures. You weren't asked your age, so stick to the topic. Go to the new member thread if you wish to say you're new.

Also, PLEASE read the rules AND follow them. I know 7 year olds can be rebelious when they are mad at mommy.

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