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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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Yeah. Only press *. And man, that shit really is usefull. ! :D

I meant using it WITHOUT the camera on. You can turn it on through the options, and it can even do SOS. It's pretty pimpin'.

Me and Kelly eating funnel cake at Busch Gardens, taken with said phone:


Being the aristocrat again on Halloween, only, over-doing the makeup:


Chillin', y'know. ALSO, taken with my phone.


HOLY SHIT IT'S A LION! GET IN THE CAR!((another phone picture)):


That's totally all, for now.

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@ Spaz: NVM i was looking at the wrong Piccy's topic :)

anyway, thats me up on the mountain. The Reason im holding the GT is because my Sisters B-freind tied it to the back of his truck and he pulled me and it PWNED! soo badly, but it sucked when i got my right leg stuck under it and i felt my leg open up at the hip...and for god sake i will kill you if you call me ........


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