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Post pictures of yourself v2.0


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O go suck a... (< i dont wanna offend u) err i forget what comes next :pissedred: o well here we go *puts it on* Damn i have it on the other computer im gonna get my pic :-)

You wont get far talking like that. Oh, If you dident notice i was joking. I dident think you really were 7.

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All I can say is posting images like that of yourself you will never get any respect. It just someone useing their looks to get attention. Most people on here will hate me now but all I can say is that Kokane should respect herself and flaunting pictures of yourself to get compliments and attention is sad. Im not having a go Im just saying she should respect herself.

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I'm not searching for respect or attention by posting my pics on this forum now, Chris knows I got the attention I wanted when I joined, as you see I've been here since '5th Jan 05', old members know how I looked back then, so I think they understand better the whole deal. I thought people wanted to know how I look now, I enjoy updating with recent pics.

As far as the respect goes, I do respect myself, and I tell ya those pics are decent and I don't see whats so bad about them, and yea maybe it's my fault I wanna be different and when I pose I wanna be noticed, and I don't wanna be regular, but thats my problem.

Anyway thank you for your honest opinion, I really appreciate that :).

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Damn. I just learned I don't have respect for myself.

-has hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of him online....................-

f***in' camera-whores -.-

MORE pictures you say?


From Magus' birthday photoshoot. That's Magus on my should kneeling next to me. HE turned 24 in September.


What is life without risk?


I've had GIRLS tell me they are jealous of my hips.


I had a rather pretty girl complain that I surpass her in sexiness. What now, bitches? If my hair wasn't shaved on the sides and I bothered with make up, I could pass as a chick.

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