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Recent photo.This one was taken while my team was participating in BBA Baazigar event.A state level compitition where we make maximum profit from the given capital of 5k by doing buisness in a time limit of five days.We stood 7th at the end of 5th day. This picture taken from e-archive even came in the newspapers (I r phamous :P).


The bearded mongrel with specs is me btw :P

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Hey Silberio! I didn't notice you were back. So yeah Welcome back I guess!

Not really, but thanks :)

I just have got acces to internet these last days, as I've been coming to my aunts house those day's, but I'm still not fully back - Heh.

BTW, groovy with the bass, I really want one now, Blues is my thing baby :P

@ YellowJacket: Jazz, I only say that, Jazz. :mellow:

@ Dark Lord: Looks like Chilean "Feria", or something like "Persian Market", LuLz :P

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