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I'm only 21. Give me a break! :P

I think mistuhh UO was only referring to the huge amount of teens of here, like me being 14. So don't feel alarmed.Though If UO was calling truely calling you an oldy, then pay no attention and entertain yourself with the world's most awesome fucking smiley's ever invented:


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LOL, that's the Typical "Huaso" outfit, we had an act at school that day, showing off typical Chilean outfits, and stuff, so yeah, maybe thats why I give the impression of an..."Oldie" - Haha :P


My ol' Soviet Union made Camera, Zenit, I think.

Soyuz nerushymi...


My beloved cousin xD

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Hey Silberio! I didn't notice you were back. So yeah Welcome back I guess!

I took these pictures last night after coming out of the shower, had a nice play with my hair too. I don't do it often, I need a haircut so I took the chance to be a poser.



I probably didn't realise that I was holding my phone the wrong way around in this.

I do have a horrible wall colour, an awful turquoise colour.

My beloved bass guitar, sitting there to dust:


I have a mess of deodorants too, so yeah. I cannot be bothered to put some away in the bin, most of them are indeed empty.

The pictures came out shitty because it was night time compare:


(Bear in mind that I did just come out the dentist, I had a numb jaw)

More half decent ones:


and the only day we've actually had snow this winter, this was taken in December:


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