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First Online Preview of VCS


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The first of what is sure to be an influx of online previews has appeared on German gaming website 4Players.de. We can surmise the following details from the article:

  • Lance Vance is "a drug-dependent wreck"
  • Golf caddies appear, from this we can ascertain that Leaf Links is still a golf course.
  • In some missions Vic will be helped by Lance and Ricardo Diaz. (Something that has been in all the recent GTA games)
  • Explosions have been improved with hissing sounds, jets of smoke and parts flying everywhere
  • Pop ups and fade ins were still a problem in the preview that 4players.de saw, however, Rockstar assure us that they will be sorted out in the final version
  • It is confirmed that Ving Rhames will voice Victor, this was partially confirmed a few days ago by the updated cast listing for VCS @ IMDb

Source: 4Players.de, GTAReactor

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