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Think it's almost certain we start on the main land, working back towards the luxurious beaches of the first island. As soon as people get a chance of free roam they're just going to head for the airport and army base.. :-/

thats what I was guessing earlier. I guessed that the trailor park is where Phil's Place is located in VC 86'. Although it hasnt been confrimed but it seems to be over there some where.

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which screen shot? I must have missed that one...

EDIT: ok I found the screen shot you're talking about and I have seen it but just simply over looked it. If you look to the far left you could see a building in the background which I think is Sunshine Autos. if you go into the SSA lot you'll be too close to those oil containers so I think the trailer park is a little bit further back. I believe SSA is still there in 1984.

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