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Intel Core Duo 2


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Yes, and do you know how much will that cost?

Nope, no idea.

I would wait for a quad core one though, they're only coming out in 2007 but if you get a Intel it'll be old news in a few months.

Rather get the latest technology when it is the latest technology, duo-core processors have been out for a couple months.

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You know Gerard will be able to tell you what's good and stuff probably, head over to one of our his sites; MSForums.com and register there if you have PC questions and stuff.

There's more expereinced PC pro's there so you may get better responses, or stay here and get info from us, which is good, but might not be as accurate :P

I'd say it's a good processor though, what speed is it?

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That's not really that long then is it?

AMD is really worth considering, i'm thinking of saving up a bit more myself for that.

So how much would an updated motherboard cost?

Actually,it's a bit long in the "world of technology".This type of computer stuff and that gets like updated like every 6months.

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