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Offical "Post your old PMs" Topic


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This should be a fun and interesting topic for those who have been around for some time. It's funny to see how member's personalities and grammar have changed over the years. I know mine and a few others have changed for the better. :)

The message's topic doesn't matter; Warnings from moderators, flames from members, casual conversations, it really doesn't matter. Lets see them.

Message from 'BigGamer132':

Morpheus, Feb 21 2004, 10:04 AM

Ok, before you read further, understand that NO ONE is to know about this PM. Not a single peep to anyone, not even your own mothers. B)

I am PMing you all to see what you think of the Family advisor Morpheus. I am strongly considering throwing his ass out of the Sopranos. He's moody, has a short temper, and I know he will get us in serious shit somewhere down the road. What are your thoughts?

Funny yet true for those that remember Morpheus :whistle:

Message from 'The Fear':

Tell no one your Fear!, Mar 17 2004, 09:31 PM

This is The Fear

He's ben here a while.

Longer Then most,

But now in denial.


Hey small PLEEEASE keep this secret. Only you pagan skyline and pyro know. DONT TELL ANYONE. PMing you about the post in Sigs Inc, i have PS, and IR, but i only use IR. Can you help me with sigs some more?

:rofl2: :rofl2:
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You did this topic simply to post my PM to you, didn't you?

And you STILL think I'm the Spaz from GTAF or whatever, don't you?

Ha, that reminds me how I use to slightly change my typing patterns to make it seem like another person. Even did it as I told you who I was.

The f***? Halfway THROUGH THAT PM my typing changes. Maybe I was high that day or something...

And another WTF at that rhyme...... I rhymed? O.O Holy shit. I didn't know I was capable of actually rhyming words......

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Mine date back to March 11th.. but here's one from Pagan on the 20th. OF 2004.

Okay, you guys all have to cooperate. I am planning a strange joke to confuse everyone.

PaganGuru and Spasmod are the same person, both invented by me

Insane Pyro and Skyline are both the same person, invented by one of my friends

Lance Vance and Tony Montana are the same person, invented by a friend that went away.

Lets see how many people we can confuse laugh.gif

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From Vincent Valentino:

het im sorry for being a n00b, Apr 28 2005, 05:36 AM

Hey Chris im sorry for the constant begging for a mod position I will stop asking ,I have forgoten my own advice,a while back I posted "if you want to be a mod you will have a better chance if you dont ask, the admins will choose you when they think your readt......sorry dude.

From an unknown member called dubert233:

end him please!, Jun 23 2005, 12:20 AM

there is this guy his username is like MGILB-#6 or something cant you find his IP adress and prevent him from making a new account and keep him from giving spaz a heart attack?

please you must END HIM!!!!!!!!!!

From Spaz, regarding Tallow: May 10 2005, 01:12 AM:

IP ban her. Keep her the fuck out of this site.

There's also PM's from Crimson and a many of his other accounts. Can't remember how many he got but there was a few.

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Mine date back to March 11th.. but here's one from Pagan on the 20th. OF 2004.

I remember that PM ^.^

From Spaz, regarding Tallow: May 10 2005, 01:12 AM:

Remember that one, too. Got rather pissed at her. Now she doesn't know any of my passwords, and if she guesses one of them, I have atleast 4 active passwords in all. One is random characters, one is me slamming my head on the keyboard.

All my PMs are threats about getting warnings

Heh, I wouldn't have ever guessed.

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Thanks to this topic I went and searched for an old funny pm...all I found was one of mgilb pms full of orgish shit..omg ew.

That shit was irrititating.... Luckily, we could clean up without looking at it.

Private messages are supposed to be private. >_<

I'm never PMing any of you.

Actually, Chris can read our PMs.

And these are PMs from years ago, for the most part.

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tx3000 Regarding you're reply, Aug 24 2006, 09:10 PM

I suggest you read my response in the topic the kid made about modding because you said somehting that is simply not true


I usually get banned from a site, because I speak the truth. People don't like to be shown up, and I, usually do in a short amount of time, what most people can't do at all. It pisses them off, so they get rid of me, in order to save face, and continue to make themselves look good.

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