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Well I do live on the borders of Romford which has a lousy reputation. There is no way I would post the picture of me wasted as it is one embarassing and two unflattering. I will take some pics tomorrow that look halfway decent. I will post the picture I entitled GEology Buddies though :P

That girl kinda scared me, bear. :P

Just kidding. I hope the voting goes unbiased. Seriously, nothing is gonna come out of asslicking(rofl) up to people.

Im glad she scared you, what a bitch she is :P

The voting should stay unbiased. Lets all be fair.

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Well I think i have finally worked this out thank god.


This was yesterday during a free lesson I had my camera as I had to take pictures for media. So me and my friends decided "Hey lets take some pictures!"


This is my friend Alina trying to kiss me. We have a pact to say if one us is being obssesed by some guy we will just say sorry I have a girl friend and this is her.

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just 1 one more thing about that not being able to comment to a guy. I can see If a guy is ugly or maybe handsome but I don't think I really can say who's sexy. Maybe that's what the original GTA master wonted to say.

Just don't misunderstand it...

anyway, what's with the first pic bear? like there was a big flashlight aimed at the cam. Doesn't look like the sun to me.

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