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Are you (kokane, of course) taking any modelling school things? If not, you really should.


Mark Ruffalo

Btw, our man Righty look really like Mark Ruffalo, and to compare you will have to find Righty's post in this topic, somewhere around the 1-2 page, if I remember.

Oh, and for you people who doesnt have a clue who Mark Ruffalo is, he is an actor; most known for his roles in the movies "The Last Castle" and "13 Going 30".

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I get bored of my hair too, now Ive started to spike it up and do wierd things to it. Just cant find any damn blue hair dye which is a pain. I just keep my appearance looking the same for long, otherwise I do stupdi things to it. In my picture my has gone brown on its own accord >.< Why when it was blue/black.

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why would you have to be tall to be a model... Can't see the sence.

I donno..don't ask me..I think they want to find perfection <_< anyhow..they won't accept you if you're not above the minimum 5'8'' limit, I donno the limit for guys, oh and the average weight is 108-125 lbs

I am around 5'3'' and 106 lbs

I know it's stupid, it's like they are creating clothes especially for tall and slim people

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my natural hair color is brown :)

Let me know when it's brown again ;)

Ah ok, and btw the OK button doesn't work :P

Thank god, I thought I was the only one with the broken button


only Chris has the "working button" :bleh:

Haha yes that's true. I think I just owned everyone who is complaining of the broken OK button. :D

Ya so anyway I can't even keep on topic myself and I'm in a position of authority, holy crap. Yeah so basically if anyone else wants to be in the competition but would like a few more days in order to get your pics on the pc, or wants to post some new pics here then be sure to let me know by posting here.

You can all post more pics if you want, but you'll need to choose just 3 of them to be included in the voting topic, people will vote on the pics they see there not what's elsewhere on the forum.

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