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Make A Gang For GTA IV

K9 Krew

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Name: White Rose Colony

Cars: Blades , virgos , sabre gt's , bobcats , yosemites , packers (car boosters ) and fcr-900's

Turf: Anywere near a import export or a garage (tuning and repair).

Weps: Wrenches , spanners , screwdrivers , hammers , knifes , deagles , stubby shotguns (car dealers) and tecs.

Clothes/Outfit: Black suits with white ties(Important guys) , Black leather jackets with a white rose on the back and black jeans (Members) and black overalls with white roses on the back.(Car boosters).

This gang is from the Rp section.

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Sky's bleed

Cars: Red & Orange colours mixed up on a Banshee, with hydraulics and 2 exhaust pipes.

Clothes: Blue jackets & black jeans (leaders), yellow T-shirt with black pants & flames on them. (sub-leader), red hoody & green stubbies (regular members)

Weapons (very powerful gang): MP5, Ak47, (leaders only) M60s.

Business: Armed robberies, Theft, vandalisment.

Location: Starfish Island, Vice City, near the mansions alot.

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Le Falcon Noir. (French gang, originated in Monnaco. Run by Aurore L'Eglise)

Cars- 1986 stingers or felzters. (any colour)

Clothes- gang colour is turquise and as they are based by the beach they wear jeans and T shirts. So the shits mainly have turquise in them. No set uniform, very casual.

Weapons- desert eagles

Front- Cafes on the sea front, casinos and protection.

Locations- Monacco, Ocean Beach Vice City.

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Here are some gangs I made up. I have more I might post sometime.

The Sammy Mafia

Gang type: Mafia Family

Turf: West Brant, Downtown Brantford, Brantford Charity Casino

Gang cars: Sammy Sentinel, Sammy Stretch, Sammy’s Delivery Vans

Weapon: 9mm pistols, meat cleavers, knives

Fronts: Sammy’s Rec Room, Brantford Charity Casino,

Businesses: Gambling, Protection, Armed robbery

Prominent members:Sammy (leader 2004-?) Goo (capo 2004-?) Grahm Chittenden,

Enemies: Taliban, Native Protesters, Liberty City Yakuza, Echo Place Steppas


Gang type: Terrorist Organization

Turf: Downtown Brantford,

Gang cars: X-Ploders

Weapon: Explosives (carbombs, grenades, bomb belts), AK-47s, baseball bats

Fronts: A ship in The Docks

Buisinesses: Arms Dealing

Prominent members: Mullah Mohammed Omar(leader 1998-2005)

Enemies: Sammy Mafia

C Bloods

Gang type: Street Gang

Turf: Parking lots and alley ways in Brantford, Brantford Mall, West Brant, Lions Park, North End

Gang cars: C Blood Manana

Weapons: Bats, knives

Fronts: none

Buisinesses: Drug trafficking, armed robbery

Prominent Members: Stryker Strykeforce ( leader ?-2005) Jonny (?-2005) Tommy, Steve, Shaun Parker

Enemies: Echo Place Steppa’s, Slovak Sliders

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Name : East Side Chavs Massiv

Cars: Metro, Corsa or Mopeds

Clothes : Any Tracksuit will do

Weapons : Broken Bottle, Wooden Plank, Knife

Business : Generally being a knob-head, Vandalism, Un-Provoked attack/abuse

Turf : Outside the Spar shop

^^Best Gang Ever!.^^


Name: The Krukosklavian Family Crime Syndicate

Clothes: Black suits with red ties

Ethnics: Any , Race isnt important to them

Weapons: Anything that can hurt

Cars: Anything jackable

Turf: The biggest part of any town , they like to be noticed

Business: Loitering 'in the hood' , Murder , Manslaughter , jailbraking , terrorism , general 'bad behavior' and most sex crimes.

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North Side Kings(Extremely Dangerous Hispanic Gang)(Similar To The Varrio Los Aztecas)

Turf:Starfish Island(VC),Portland(LC),75% Of Los Santos(SA)


Cars:Hermes,Savana,Blade(All Cars Are Customized And Must Have Hydros)

Buisness: Car Customisation,Drugs. Gun Running, Grand Theft Auto, Importing/Exporting .

Fronts:Loco Low Co(SA), 8 Ball's BombShop(LC), Tommys Mansion(VC)

Allies:Tommy Vercetti Gang,Grove Street Families

Weapons: Knifes, Colt 45, MP5, Ak 47


^^^^^Best Gang Ever^^^^^

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*Devils Henchmen*

Leader:Chopper(yeah the guy who cut his ear off)

Buisness:Gun Running

Turf: This gang is a bikie gang so they are always on the move but they do have safe houses in major cities but are mainly nomad

Weapons:Knifes,Colt 45

Clothes: No Set Clothes

Tattoos:All members must have the club tattoo of a devil with a crown to join the club

Enemies:Hells Angels, Banditos

Allies: The Undertakers

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Manchester Reds

Cars - Red Mercedes or Vans with Manchester United graffitti on them

Clothes - They can wear any trousers except there shirts must be Man Utd shirts with a number and there name on the back.

Weopans - Paint Spray, Pistols, Rocket Launcher ( only used agains city fans) , m4 and ak47

Business - Robbing and killing opposing football fans when they come to Old Trafford and stealing form rival clubs

Turf - In and around Old Trafford but can generally be seen around the Red part fo Manchester.

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