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  1. tag : RacerX5034 I will be found playing GTA 4, Call of Duty 4, Forza 2 im on gamebattles.com
  2. If its a Big poster than YES I have a big hole in my wall when I fell through it and it needs to be covered.
  3. If they are aiming for loads of players in mulitiplayer and have all sorts of game modes in the entrie city what if all this happens at the same time racing, deathmatch, capture the flap all goning on. Racing would go on at a certin time like 20:00 in the game people would go find the car of choice the cource would go through people killing each other in a deathmatch game and then while racing somebuddy runs over the guy with the flag in capture the flag. This game could be a MMO With Cars
  4. What if you have to sneek into a large building with out being seen and blow up a building and also tazers are "nonleathal" wepons
  5. ACDC - Back in Black Highway to Hell Saliva - Superstar Click Click Boom Surrvival of the Sickest Ladies and Gentalmen Nickelback - Side of a Bullet Fight for all the wrong reasons Finger Eleven - Paralyzer Papa Roach - To be Loved ............................................................................... Zz Zz
  6. 9.25 stars Sweet slaps you and says DAMN 10 stars they send in robo cop 12 stars THE TERMANATOR gets sent back in time to get you 13 1/5 stars the PAperizie chases you to death ................................................................................ .......................................................... 1,000,000 stars THE ROMAN ARMY 1,500,000 stars THE South rises agenst you
  7. since most building are accesable there might be sneak mission where you can enter someones house before they come home cloriform the guys wife stuff her in a closet and then make the guys death look like an accident or make it look like his wife did it or something. maybe they will add cloriform.
  8. Yes why dont the tanks shoot at you and hunters chase you?
  9. The Sand King w/ hydralics mostly found at that big Sat Dish always fun to drive.
  10. With alot of traffic you might see a lot of foot chases. but they should add a cop vision meter so when you are on the run from the cops you could hop into a taxi in the middle of a traffic jam and the cops might loose you. But traffic accidents should be like "BURNOUT" and you could see your car Shred apart,Headon crashes people get thrown out like "FLATOUT".
  11. Mod shops should come back and with the addition with chop shops for boosting missions I like Hot Rods Roadsters musclecars Racercars like hot ring(stock car) and they should add racing trucks (baja,Craftsman truck,and lowrider trucks) More different types of hotringers like (forein roadracers, Sport compact, top end exotic)
  12. How about if you get enough money you could buy a business ( VC & VCS ) The places can be a sucess or fail. Also you can play the stock market because hey its almost Ney York! Last you could place bets on sports games that the next day the results will come on the radio.
  13. You know police copters have inferred for finding people in trees and stuff but climbing up trees and a Chase~o~Meeter sound great but how many trees are in NY city? long story short They should add Banking/and Bookies so you place bets on sports and the results will come on the radio the next day.
  14. If you leave your car in a bad neiborhood your car gets striped down to the bone ( rim,doors,bumpers are gone glass is broken sometimes its on fire and its on blocks)
  15. Fire fighters go to random fires around the city (also a new type fire fighter missons) skycrapers ctch on fire and You go in and save them. buy guns seperate from ammo for cheaper prices.
  16. They Should add Gas Stations so you have a Chance to run out of gas Gas leakage with a result of a trail of fire when you are driving Puddles of gas when your car sits there and gets shot up carry a Ligter so you could set fires
  17. Name: Skin Heads Weapons: Shotguns,Rifles,and there dogs Terf: Farms,24-7's,and Berger Shots Cars: Muscles(Saber,Tampa,Phionix)Trucks(Bobcats,Sandking) Clothes: Plad Jackets,Jeans,and Trucker Hats
  18. It would be big So they might Put in loading screens Like in the previous games
  19. I also like the land Stalker Because It resmbles my real life car (Flips.slow,and catches on fire)
  20. You cant beat American Muscle Cars (saber,phenix)
  21. Mabe like Hurricane Andrew And destroy a trailer park and have boats in the streets,cars in the water and sand from the beach all up in the street.
  22. This topic would be about years for GTA 4 1967 1976 1985 1989 1996 2001 2007 What ever you want Just no Midevil times ok'
  23. don't count on my volcano map because I need a new mouse and it looks like i threw up green lue and yellow and somthing grew on it
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