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[SA]Amped 2


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Exactly, at this time, this very minute was when the first Amped was released a year ago.

1 year / 12 months / 52 weeks / 365 days / 8760 hours / 525600 minutes / 31536000 seconds

has passed since that day and here we are, one year later with a new San Andreas Community Stunt Movie.

I must apologize for all the delays, i managed to lose all the recordings twice, lose the project files once, had problems with the border and other things that came up which i had to deal with.

You may notice that the border changes a little during the playback of the movie, i have no idea how to solve that and the small pixel font is rather hard to read sometimes.

Also be aware that some of the stunts are now old but they were new when they were sent in.

Fugitive was supposed to be the intro scripter but something came out so i threw together a last minute intro, sorry for that.

Thanks to everyone who sent stunts for this movie and especially to Tackleberry for creating the border and to Turtle Dick for his replay-checking, this wouldn't had been possible...

...or would had taken a lot more time without you

Amped 2 .mp4 x264 Xtreme Quality Version 3mbps 1024x768

FileFactory Link

FileFront Link

MegaUpload Link

SendSpace Link

Amped 2 WMV High Quality Version 4mbps 1024x768

FileFactory Link

FileFront Link

MegaUpload Link

Amped 2 WMV Low Quality Version 0,5mbps 640x480





Streaming Version

This is a MUST HAVE for all stunters, regardless of what game you stunt in.

In my opinion it hasn't made the same impact the original Amped made but its still very good by today's standards.

EDIT: Im not in this btw.

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I watched it from YouTube already. It's the best stunt movie I have ever seen. Btw the one at SF bridge with a cab... Did you Dannye use gravity hacks?

No mods were used on any stunts. for cabbie/taxi stunts involving riding on a wall you need to have completed the 100 taxi/cabbie fare mission. Then when you press the horn button the cabbie/taxi jumps into the air. For some reason the same happens when you get the taxi/cabbie sideways on with the wall. But it is in the lap of the gods whether it will climb the wall or just fall down it, so don't expect to just pick up a joypad/keyboard and do it ;)

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Just a few points i though i'd make (not bad ones!)

1. The trick qwith the modded black/green bike and the fall grab, u can see the previous bike, that obviously fell off the roof

2.That bike glith with the fataa jump off the burned out car... WTMF?

3. Loving the music from the original GTA at the end....

Great stunting guys, keep it up!

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Just watched the YouTube stream as I didn't have time to download a good quality version. it was actually all right but not as good as I was hoping. Someone obviously has the Matrix Soundtrack judging by the choice of songs. I think I was going to use some songs off it when i was planning an SA stunt video, but that never happened.

I agree with Ghost that it didn't have the same impact as the original Amped.

BTW I like the use of "Joyride" in the ending credits, a nice flash back to GTA3 :)

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Okay, here goes my qiuck review...

Stunts- Old, lame and boring. Too many bike stunts, too few variations.

Music - Just when you thought it can't be worse than the one from original Amped...

Editing - Which noob did edit that? There wasn't any effort put into that, only a few childish effects. The audio-video sync sucked my cock.

Overall - 2/10

Pathetic. I really feel sorry for those few minutes it took me to get the LQ. I don't think this deserves an LQ at all.

Now you see, this is my honest review. This is my view. Since I have my dignity I won't start licking GTAS' staff's assholes. This vid did suck. The only thing that bothers me is that this vid will probably get 20 pages of "awesome" reviews on GTAS. The same people that would reject you because you have a life and can't afford (and don't want to) gather 5k posts so that you'd get some constructive (not good, constructive) comments on the vid.

Again, this wasn't my bitch fest, this was my honest review.

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lol i bet ghost, engel, and ^you can do all of the stunts and do them even better, i watched it and i was like "BORING" i can make a joyride movie better than that, lol

Lets not forget Godfather and Shifty :P But I dont think we are better than them.

tbh in someways I agree with slayer and in some ways I dont. a lot of the guys at gtas can be right assholes. if you do the same stunt as a veteran there, you always get told "good stunt" etc..but the veteran gets told "OMFG that was awesome, hey, I wonder what would happen if I stuck my dick in your mouth..etc..."

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