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Meh, to bad it's fake...........or I'd be LMAO. I can see that they do it for entertainment but never found it entertaining, kinda slow to watch imo for what it is. A lot of the girls at my school like some of the guys, I think buffness can look very hot(as the girls say hot)but wtf is with those muscles, deffinetly not attractive, neverless SEXY!!

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Kevin Nash was the best when he was Diesel. Once he went to WCW and got into the whole WolfPac thing, he was alright (way more funny though) but his character wasn't all that great. He'll always be Diesel to me.

What I hate is when they try to bring back something that was only good when it was NEW. DX was the coolest bunch of people ever (minus that dillhole X-Pac). Shawn, HHH and NAO were the shit! When they tried to bring back DX with just Shawn and HHH, it failed miserably. You can't havd DX without NAO. Road Dogg was the man and Mr. Ass was one of the funniest guys ever.

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