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Would be groovy.

Jace, why do you hate Mousetache so much?

It looks great IMO...At least back in the 60's it did...

I hate mine. Looks kinda stupid on a 14 year old y'know... Some other dude once told me that I'd probably get some hot chick if I'd take it away.. but my parents don't let me so I'm not getting a hot chick so I'm not having sex :(

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I don't think I'm going to really marry someone really hot given all the standards I have but it doesn't include looks. Sure I want someone attractive, but not necessarily really hot.

Might as well enjoy the time when I'm free. Not going to have sex for at least another 2 years though (then I'm 16). IMO I'm to yough for it ATM.

There are quite some hot but kind girls at school. But I think actually having a relationship with them would suck.. They kinda are that type who wil have sex with your best friend without you knowing it.

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