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    I'm guessing you are a BNP supporter? Well I take it very offensively when people go on a hate campaign against all immigrants. I am an immigrant and so is my Dad. He works, pays taxes and contributes to the country he lives in, why should he has less rights then someone who doesn't want to work all because they are English. I am at university to better myself and make myself a valued member of society. Yes illegal immigration is bad, but that doesn't automatically equal terrorist. My view is that anyone who wants to come here and work is welcome.
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    The following is a list of facts, make of them what you will: Just because someone is middle eastern doesn't make them a terrorist. Some white British males are Muslims. Some white British males are terrorists. Some Asian Males living in Britain are neither Muslims nor Terrorists Just because someone is a terrorist doesn't make them Afghani. Just because someone has come to this country fro the middle east it doesn't make them an illegal Immigrant. Just because they choose to work, doesn't mean they are aiming to maliciously steal away our employment prospects. If someone wants to work in the UK, own a house or car in the UK, or pretty much take a shit in the UK, they're paying taxes. My least favourite tax is income tax. It fails to tax the most to the people who earn the most, it penalises those who work for their money, and does not affect those who use the income tax of other to live off. If you don't like the state of the country you live in, get a job, work and leave. It's what a lot of foreign people do, and it seems to be working out for them. The wars some people aren't paying for (that pesky income tax again) is more than enough karma for me. Working immigrants do orders of magnitude more for our economy than non-working native British. The next time taxes go up will have more to do with non-working Brits than working immigrants. Jobs exist in the UK. Easy living isn't working night-shifts in a shitty fucking corner-shop or a taxing rank. Easy living is going down to a doll office a few times a month for a cheque that's supposed to enable you to SURVIVE and search for a job, but instead spending it on luxury items that people in the middle east would travel halfway around the fucking world to provide for their families, in the face of racism and spite. There's more, but I'm off to play minecraft.
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    Well as we are having a big old reunion and seeing the old faces pop up again, I thought it may be interesting to know what everyone has been up to in the last few years. After all a lot of us have grown from teenagers obsessed with GTA to being adults obsessed with GTA. Hopefully this isn't like school reunions where we secretly hope everyone has failed in life to make us feel better about ourselves.
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    I'm sure many of you reading this will remember trailers for GTA IV being recreated in GTA: San Andreas, most notably those made by Brotha which we featured on the front page here at The GTA Place. Well, it didn't take long for GTAV's first trailer to get that same treatment, this time by YouTube user CreativityZone. Below, you can watch his recreation along with the real GTA V trailer vertically split-screen to see exactly how they compare. I think he's done a pretty amazing job. If you want to see the recreated trailer by itself without the real GTA V comparison, you can .If you've made or found something interesting related to GTA V, even if it's just for fun, be sure to point it out to us and post about it in our forums!
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    Not all of them can.. Do you not remember when those kids put a little baby on a train track after watching child's play? I mean sure, i played GTA in my childhood, but game's are getting more and more REALISTIC.. When I played gta when i was like 6 or w.e, it was top down and all pixalated.. Imagine a 6 year old playing GTA IV, you got cocain refferences, swearing, nudity, and the voilence is ALOT more realistic then when we were kid's
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    Random wallpaper I did earlier.
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    Am I the only one who can't stand it? In my opinion (don't go raging at me all you dubstep people) it sounds like total shit and requires little talent to make compared to real artists or bands that actually sing (not the auto-tune artists). But hey, that's just my opinion.
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    and I hope they fuck your shit up first, but yeah you're probably some middle class little buster who can't get a PS3 off his mummy this year and blames it on immigrants, along with everything else. But to think of it from your perspective, with your clean water, central heating, consoles, GTA games... you poor thing, how could they be so selfish as to come and seek refuge in your country? Racist, end of, you hate these brown people coming into your country, and that's it. Stop trying to disguise it with your newspaper articles warping statistics.
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    Good question Bossman, something I have experience with on both an academic and real-world level. Yeah, in terms of web development it IS best practice to leave checkboxes unchecked by default. You give the user the choice, rather than make it for them. Mostly in regard to opt-in/opt-out services, where they should always be opt-in, but it can also apply to "remember me" features. It's all in the name of protecting the user really. Exceptions to this "rule" are forums and websites where your details don't pose any kind of security risk; the checkboxes for remembering you are ticked by default simply for convenience, as most people WANT this in place so they don't have to login each time, of course they can uncheck it if they want. It's not something forced upon the user. It's typically not seen as bad practice in this situation. As Spaz pointed out, online banking is a prime example of where automatically ticking a remember me box would be bad practice, if someone logs on to their account using a shared computer and forgets to logout at the end of it then any subsequent user could get access - that's obviously a huge security risk.
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    I've been playing since the first one (I was really young then, and didn't play the missions obviously) I probably played it in 1998 or so, so I would've been around 7. If you can tell the difference between right and wrong and understand reality is different from video games I don't see a problem. I played GTA III when it came out and so on. Hell, GTA was my childhood.
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    I saw a couple buying a GTA : SA for their 6 year old kid No one cares about the Damn ESRB ratings!
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