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    Its from "thedarelisdazza.com" You can also cheak it at "dazzareallylovessupermanandnowthinksheshisbrother.com"
  2. CooL an eight book, This is great!! Chelsea won the FA,GTA 4 is gonna realese in few months,Harry potter movie and the 7th book is gonna come out soon,and etc etc This year is great!!!
  3. Hey buddy!! just thought of saying hi!!

  4. Nope, just on photoshop!! I dont have fireworks
  5. I Think buying them is better,im to lazy to cut the stuff and all!! @Architect:Im not really sure how many encylopedia are there, but if shes writing an eight book then its gonna be cool but I still feel the seventh book is gonna be the best!!
  6. Mozilla firefox Its better then internet explorer!!
  7. Throwing people of skyscarpers == CooL!!! Reaching the top of the skyscraper == elevator in the skyscrapr == more interiors == CooleR!! Haha throw a fat person of the skyscarper and he lands on an old lady in a wheel chair!! old lady dies, rods in the wheelchair pierce the mans body man dead too!! == Awsum!!!
  8. Gonna go see it!! im Sure its gonna be awsum!!
  9. WOOW!! Chelsea won!! Nver xpected this!! Cool!! w00t!!!
  10. 1st Article:Dude thats a spoof, its not true!! Do you really beleive that article that shes gonna go around paying guys on the street 1million bucks to play town people?? 2nd Article:That book is not related to countinuing the story line of harry potter,its just an encyclopedia book kinda thing Something like the quiditch book and the magical creature book released some time back!!! Anyways both the articles are very different from each other, plz read them before posting!!
  11. LOLZROLFLMAO!!!!! Dude thats "THE SPOOF.COM" those articles are not true!! So either someone got you good or your tryin to fool everyone!!!
  12. Here u go!! @JayD:attachment worked fine for me!!
  13. NOPE!!,It would then be a JayD bar
  14. kick him in his nuts!! WWYDI a hot babe is found dead in your bedroom!!
  15. made one more re!! again got kicked out!! so now ive got bored with orkut!!

  16. Hope you dont land on your d*ck!! It can be veRY PAINFUL!!!
  17. Were did you get that info from???
  18. HBP was is the best book in the series Hope they dont make a sucked out movie out of it by deleting some of the main parts like they did in GOF!!(HBP IS BIGGER THEN GOF)
  19. Okay bro,I dont have the orginal PSD but have a kinda similar one hope it'll do *Ahem*How do i send it to you??
  20. Try refresing the page,i too have some probs viewing the images !! Hey Dazza Whats its resolution??
  21. Sorry bro !! I dont think i saved the PSD of that,Ill cheak if i have it though
  22. Welcome all new members!! have a rocking time here!!
  23. I lol'd when i heard this!!I think its stupid to arrest someone for kissing!!
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