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  1. These are all old buddy. The quality though in these are amazing man! Thats new for me!
  2. They are about $1000 to buy.. I heard they usually outlive there owners! They can be like 100 years old! Either one of these or a Macaw. They need lots of attention though. What do you guys think? Have any suggestions? Maybe should I get a snake? or a lizard? I had a snamke and a lizard b4 but they die to easily Freakin Cute I can teach it to talk to. Maybe like.. Get out of Cody's room mother Fu**** lol!!
  3. Well, I think it's pretty cool! Yea I know.. but I just think its a neet effect Im sure i can get it free somewhere too
  4. Im now looking at SphereXP Looks really badass
  5. Shakira- Eyes like yours. That song would fit Niko
  6. I hope when you kill a person you automattically get two stars. That way it'd be more real
  7. Porn? What's that? lol jk man! Hey though dont eveybody at least try it?
  8. It's dry as a bone here in Colorado Not many storms so I cant catch any lightning
  9. Vice City. Cuz the 80's rock. I love the atmosphere as well.
  10. I dont get all of this hi definition stuff!!
  11. I just cant wait to play on my grandmas T.V which covers like a whole entire wall and its plasma!!
  12. Well its not Vista.. Its called Ubuntu with Beryl? Something like that! There are alot of vids on youtube with this too!
  13. Can someone please Explain to me what this is? How do I get this? because this is very cool! Thanks folks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKPJEk7qoeQ
  14. Command Prompt I fixed it Thanks for all ya help tho!
  15. 20 new pics? I saw zero new pics.
  16. Man Im sorry buddy I cant imagine how I would feel if someone did that to me. Especially if they said something to my gf. I would go ape shit.
  17. Thanks man I tried that but it comes up for three seconds then it dissapears
  18. Guys CMD was deleted from my computer. Does anybody know where I can re download it and get it back!?
  19. He's probably just adding some spice to the topic I wouldn't worry about it. My question is though why would China poison us?
  20. I bet 360 will have good graphics
  21. Ahh very cool man! Never played bully b4! Heard good things about it though
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