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  1. Whhhaaaoo duude!! Thats sweet!
  2. 7.62mm


    Well I take art in school! Im pretty good. I can show you some of my work
  3. 7.62mm


    I like Playing as PLA.
  4. Last thing I bought was a GUN. Airsoft lol
  5. I hate thinking about the end of the world. Then again... Afterwords. There will be life again. I bet you million dollars. Maybe no us.... but other creatures like that are microscopic.
  6. FREESTYLE!!! Wuuutup DAWG! :)

  7. Hey pal :) Thanks buddy how r yu doin man? Ok I hope! :) See ya around holmes :)

  8. THANKS BUD!!!!!!!! How much is it gonna cost?
  9. Hey Silb! Buddy can you make me one that says SNIPER, in a really cool text? On a Colorado Lisence plate
  10. Do you think Nicko will talk to people? Like when he hijacks a car will he say like "Get the hell out!" or like in Vice City And San Andreas when you pointed a gun at someone they interacted Likce CJ would say funny stuff. Do you think Nicko will?
  11. Runescape sucks in my oppinion anything is betta than that!
  12. Funny how with my gf I can be really really not shy but right when I hang out with just a friend thats a girl I get really bad butterflies.
  13. If S.W.A.T team doesn't work I wanna be a commidian, Know i didnt spell that right
  14. Get on MSN yu Cockeroach! lol!!

  15. I'm not talking about the creature with wings.. I'm talking about that weird feeling you get in your belly when you are nervous. How do you get rid of these! Can you?
  16. Look like ELvis! lol! Good man I like
  17. Ma puppy and me Just woke up with him but as you can see he was too lazy to lift up his head.
  18. lol thanks man!!! Well my gf is from Australia She got an accent AV-9/10 funny lol sig10/10 WICKED Person- Yu awsome man
  19. Avi- 9 cuz i like army Sig- 1.. Person- dont got ne thing against you Good youtube user. betta than me
  20. Seen this b4 Nice though. Loved watching it again
  21. Im straight I got the best girl in the world
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