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  1. I was browsing the internet. I do not know how this even came up. I saw a car accident. Not really the accident.. I should say the aftermath.. of a person. If you know what I am talking about.. I beg you not to show a photo. This has really upset me and I do not know why. Everytime I drive I think of this. I have bad anxiety.. So I am constantly worrying.. Enough of that though. This has really scared me to drive. Just very disturbing images, some people may think I am a jackass and a wuss, or maybe even a chicken shit.. I know one thing though. I have a heart. It really hurts me to see stuff like that. Is it normal? It;s been in my head since February. Never can get it out. Once again I ask very nicely not to post the image (images) on here if you do no what I am talking about. Thanks. Guys can you help me out here.
  2. I have noticed really low activity on new information coming out for GTA IV... Are we up for something big to come soon? Its been really qiet for a few three days now. What do you all think?
  3. One time when I first started getting into computers I thought I got a condom because I didnt know what a trojan was. LMAO! Now I can do almost anything... With Silberios help...
  4. Ok buddy its cool Thanbks for trying mate Gnight buddy EDIT: Fixed this folks Thanks Llama for all yur help buddy. I just did something with my sound settings and it worked. hehe thanks again
  5. No luck man Nope I cant find it but I can find Sound and Audio devices. in control panel but thats about it!
  6. No luck Llama man I disconected my mic Still doesn't work. I used to have intel audio studio where I could click on sterio mix but it is gone now! I tried re installing but it says its always a wrong version.
  7. Hey folks, anybody know how I can set my settings to Sterio Mix instead of recieving sound from my mic. I want it through my speakers instead! I had it before... Somehow switched to My Mic, if anybody knows how to do this could you please tell me? I am sure it is simple.
  8. lol sky, you might have to ban a noob today XD I read that topic about that 1 guy wanting to be mod. LMAO!

  9. In saints Row that one Church was used to do missions and that was your hideout. Maybe its some kind of Saints Row Spoof
  10. I remember this one big kid.. Kept making shitty remarks to me. So I finally said, why don't you shut yur mouth.. and I said something really bad and he like barbie slapped my head so I got one of my books and hit him across the head with it I got to go home And play Vice City so there was no punishment Though my principal was really ugly and he was a drill seargent. I wasn't scared though.
  11. yea but dont you think that R* should o' finished that by now ... would'nt you do the map and draw distance at the start and save the missions and stuff for later. Nope, it's the exact opposite ... I heard that they have completed the storyline, and now they're working on multiplayer and draw distance/bugs/glitches etc. :/ COOP multiplayer would be wicked.
  12. Thanks OGM! Man this sounds good. I got really happy with the blood stains on vehicles.
  13. That pigion got owned!
  14. Wonder if you can kill the taxi driver with like a knife and steal the car.. doing this while in the back seat
  15. met no one on here Yee Im going to Canada here in a month My dad is doin somethin up there! Il be there for like 3 days Artur... At night.. keep your windows locked. I MIGHT COME IN lol jk man!
  16. With the Ubuntu thing.. I dont know where to start! I have a computer. Runs on XP, but what do I do??? Someone said its simple, other peeps say i need special programs, does anybody know what I need???
  17. LMAO! My question is.. how can a helicopter land on your head!
  18. No no no no no no no..... No longer 3rd view in a car? Its going to be that first person view isnt it?
  19. This looked really cool! O well.
  20. lol! Well I heard that the oral part is confusing because you have to do it a special way.. People say for girls its easy! But when guys have to do it to the girl everybody says you have to do exactly perfect.
  21. Yea I would be willing too If I get one I will tell him to say hi to Thegtaplace
  22. Thanks Chris! Don't get to excited guys. I bet we get stuff saying like "Niko uses his cell often* and like no new screenshots. I am very suprised we dont have more screenshots at this time. Maybe tomorrow will be different.
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