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  1. The game is being made specially for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Plus, Microsoft would rather get all the money they can get from the Xbox 360 version of the game, after that, they'll release it on the PC and get even more golds.
  2. Meh, they could upgrade it, fix its bugs, lower its price, etc. by '09 or late '08. Who knows.
  3. No, it'd be illegal for Microsoft to spy on its customers like that.
  4. WOO! Microsoft has officially dropped the 360's price. Starting Wednesday, the Xbox 360 Elite console will retail for $449.99, the Xbox 360 Premium will go for $349.99, and the Xbox 360 Core console will now $279.99. Yay! Read about it here and here. Now go buy one.
  5. "Doomsday Clock" - The Smashing Pumpkins Shit, each time I hear them I get more and more excited about the concert! (I'm going to see them, October 7th @ Fox Theatre.)
  6. Music: Guns N' Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, They Might Be Giants, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, POLYSICS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ted Nugent, DragonForce, Nine Inch Nails, John Mayer, Velvet Revolver. My music verys, from hard rock, to alternative rock, to J-Rock, to pissed-off rock, to hippie-jam-bands. Clothing: The majority of my clothing usually has a band name, or logo on it. I also have a few different shirts, some weird button up ones that look awesome, some collar shirts, and I usually wear a white undershirt on all of my shirts as chris82 stated he does. Dunno' why. For pants, pretty much all of my pants are jeans, that's it. I have a few different pants, some bright-ass corduroys (they're so warm ), etc. DC shoes are awesome, I don't skate, but they look nice and are VERY comfortable. They're also nice for when I try to skate and fail horribly too. Hobbies: Gaming, Making Websites, Designing Websites, PhotoShop CS3, Soccer, Some Television (not much though), Hangin' Out With My Friends, Watching Anime (as long as its awesome like Death Note, Case Closed, etc.), Death Note, Going To Concerts, Kicking Ass. ------ I don't hang out with one type of group to be honest. I'm fine with hanging out with just about anyone as long as they're cool. (I tend to hang out with people who like the bands I like though.)
  7. Releasing the game in 2008 would be completely ridiculous. The Xbox 360 version of the game has downloadable content that will be out in the second half of '08, now why would Microsoft release GTA IV on the PC if they haven't gotten each possible sale on the 360 version and the 360's downloadable content? The game would probably be released on the PC around June 2009. Plus, by then Microsoft could make it Vista only. So meh.
  8. Yeah, I need more golds to pay for all these games. ;_;
  9. I doubt ANY of what I'm about to say really matters, but to install San Andreas on a PC, it takes 3.6GB. So I'm guessing the game is about 3.6GB right?
  10. Out of those two choices, GT4.
  11. Even if it is released, its probably going to use Games For Windows and Microsoft will probably make you have Vista to play it. Meh.
  12. "Only".... Dude I've been listening to it since the day it came out, 47 times is kinda' a lot....
  13. I love "Evolution"! My iTunes says I've listened to it 47 times!
  14. I'd post it as news, but nothings really official. :\ This is like one of those things you add to the bottom of news posts. Hmmm, I doubt we'll hear an official release date from Take-Two or Rockstar for a while, they wouldn't want to have to end up delaying it again... ;_; Thanks for the heads up though Jared!
  15. I haven't heard anyone say that last part, but I've heard many people say Zelda is the greatest game ever so many damn times. (BTW, I love the series to. I can't wait for Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. If you've got a DS, maybe we'll play the online multiplayer...)
  16. As many of you know, earlier today Take-Two announced that GTA IV would be delayed into 2008. Well, the reasons behind the delay are now a bit clearer. Two Take-Two execs have shed some light on the delay, going on to say that the reason behind the delay were "almost strictly technological problems... not problems, but challenges". The guys, (Strauss Zelnick, Ben Feder) mentioned that they were "highly confident" that Grand Theft Auto IV would ship in the games new "release window" (Q2 2008). When they were asked if either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 were the problem, they responded by saying "I know there have been rumors in the marketplace about frame rate and some other issues. We don't think it's helpful or beneficial to go into exact details of what the technological issues are. We're pushing the envelope on both the platforms." Looks like neither consoles in particular were the root of the issue causing the delay, I'm assuming that the PS3 version of the game being "two weeks behind" wasn't the issue. The "final say" in delaying the game was made by Zelnick, but he stresses that delaying the game was nothing that him, nor Rockstar Games took lightly. When asked about the Xbox 360 downloadable episodic content packs, Zelnick said that the delay won't effect the deal, and they aren't "...gonna send money back to Microsoft." I'm assuming that the first episodic content pack will go on sale via the Xbox Live Marketplace extremely soon after the game is release - which is good! On a side note, the guys mentioned ManHunt 2. Saying they won't give out a release date until the game receives an "M for Mature" rating. All of this information was released at Take-Two's "conference call" earlier today. At least we now know exactly what happened! The press release didn't exactly give us many reasons, so it's good to know what was the actual cause before rumors about "the PS3 being the reason", or "the Xbox 360 being the reason" started to pop up. To be honest, this isn't exactly a bad thing. There are many great titles hitting both consoles this fall, the time will fly by! Source: Kotaku.com
  17. Its not all that bad, now I have more time to finish Beautiful Katamari, Half-Life 2 Episode 2, Halo 3, and Mass Effect. Besides, we'll have it before April '08 (erm, I think) so it's not all that bad.
  18. If you say Zelda isin't popular among hardcore gamers, then what Nintendo game is? How is Zelda, a (possibly) 80 hour long game not for a hardcore gamer? Nintendo has a huge hardcore fanbase, and they love Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, and Star Fox. But yeah, we do have quite different definitions on "hardcore gamers" I suppose. Most Nintendo games AREN'T. They usually don't cater to "hardcore gamers". And Zelda isn't for hardcore gamers, it's for whoever wants to play it. I guess you really don't know how many Nintendo fans would KILL to get the next Zelda game. Zelda and can be a complicated game, a casual gamer usually would want a game like Zelda. Theres to much back tracking, puzzles, and just can be complicated. They'd rather sit back, relax, and play some WiiSports. The hardcore Nintendo fans will buy a new console JUST for the game, and then beat the game in less than a week. Honestly, do you think just because Nintendo released the Wii, all those hardcore gamers just left? What about BEFORE the Wii? There weren't any hardcore gamers?! Ya' right! Hardcore Nintendo fans kept the GameCube ALIVE!
  19. If you say Zelda isin't popular among hardcore gamers, then what Nintendo game is? How is Zelda, a (possibly) 80 hour long game not for a hardcore gamer? Nintendo has a huge hardcore fanbase, and they love Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, and Star Fox. But yeah, we do have quite different definitions on "hardcore gamers" I suppose.
  20. LOL, is the Wii your first Nintendo system or something? That's what hardcore gamers who are into Nintendo play... Games like Zelda are to complicated for someone who just wants to pick up the system and play a sports game or something. Those games are aimed at the hardcore gaming audience dude.
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