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  1. Trigun was good, I watched it AGES ago though. I remember the ending having something to do with the guy drinking tea in space with his long lost brother or something. :S
  2. Well the game is set in 2007/2008 correct? In that case I'd like to see something from the Smashing Pumpkins' latest album, Beck's newest album, I'd also like to hear a track from GN'R's Chinese Democracy if possible.
  3. People who think they're "cool" to not get good grades and etc. Whatever, I hope they know they're cool when they're living in a two-room apartment with three kids and a husband that beats them.
  4. Actually, I have their Greatest Hits album. If I dislike that I'm sure I wouldn't like the other albums...Besides, how can you judge who has a good voice or hasn't? It's not like there's a scale for that, it's all personal opinions. Oh yeah forgot about Tool...I just can't get any of their songs...I have 5 albums and couldn't say I've found a single song I've liked. I personally judge who has a good voice by listening to all of their work. For example, Axl Rose, he has a very deep voice sometimes. ("November Rain") Yet sometimes, he has a very high pitch one (ending of "Sweet Child O' Mine"). I personally like the Use Your Illusions II album best, it features Axl's deep, power-ballad voice and just about every track is excellent. I suggest you download Use Your Illusions II, and some of the new Chinese Democracy tracks. They'll blow you away, not a weak track on Chinese Democracy. (CD isn't out yet, but I'm referring to all the leaks) As for Tool, I've given them multiple chances and have never liked any of their work. However, I do like that song "Sober", (I think thats what its called...), but thats about it. My problem with that band is that I just think Maynard (lead singer) gets to much credit for what he does. Also, a note to "Highwire", how can you say They Might Be Giants should fall apart? They aren't the most well known band and a completely under-rated if you ask just about anyone (including myself). I've been a fan of their stuff for nearly a year now and I must say they're right up their with GN'R as one of my favorite bands. The group is all about the fans and plays live shows for free all the time. The guys really appreciate their fans which is not the case with most rock bands these days. I love their stuff, I can't believe you can say you hate them! Oh, and "Axl Rose" isn't a band, hes the former lead singer of Hollywood Rose and is the lead singer of Guns N' Roses. To anyone not liking GN'R: pay $45, buy some tickets, and see the band live. They've been getting insane-excellent reviews. Every reviewer doubts it'll be great with out Slash or Izzy, but when they see Robin Finck solo'ing and Axl still dancing around they end up falling back in love with the band. Even if your not into them, I really suggest you shell out some cash and at least see them live. You'll also get to see Sebastian Bach... which it... good!
  5. Fixed, because I didn't word it right the first time. Last part was sarcasm. But still, it's no reason to get all pissy like you do. I love how you come in here ONLY to mention GnR, though. I mean sure, you run a fansite for them, but come in here ONLY to bash us because of not liking Axl? And saying to kill ourselves? Yeah dude, real mature. Maybe learn to respect the opinions of other people before you post, eh? End of discussion. Really? I think there is a reason to get pissy. Because you don't just say "Axl Rose can't sing" and not say anything else to back it up. Maybe I wouldn't get so "pissy" if someone threw up a valid argument as to why Axl can't sing. And fine, bands I hate: - Fall Out Boy: Their music is annoying, and I hate how every 12 year old considers them "artists". They just cash in big in their video's by having a "Sony" logo and its very annoying to watch. I also hate the fact that some people refer to them as a new "Flock Of Seagulls", which they are not. They get to much credit, radio play, and TV-air time. - Panic At The Disco: See above. - Tool: Not a fan, never was. I gave them a shot a year or two ago but ended up not liking the band. The only reason I HATE them is because of these three guys I know who are obsessed with the band. I also feel that Maynard gets way to much credit for what he does. I guy with a song called "Hooker With A Penis" isn't "deep" to me. I had a chance to see them live for free but declined. Really not my type of band at all. More if I can think of any later.
  6. People call Bleach and Naruto anime?! Hmmm.... Mine: - Death Note - Detective Conan (Case Closed) - Lupin The 3rd - Darker Than Black - Code Geass That is all for now.
  7. Thats stupid, no ones going to remember about Crysis's game demo on the day Halo 3 comes out TBH.
  8. Some people just don't like the way he sounds? The way he said it really ticked me off. I'm almost sure he heard "Welcome To The Jungle" and decided he didn't like them. Before I say I hate a band I at least listen into some of their stuff. There are many reasons to not like GN'R, this is the first time I've ever heard someone really hate the band because of the vocals. Whatever though.
  9. ROFL, Axl Rose can't sing?! Go fucking kill yourself because you'll never know what good music is. Ever hear of a song called "November Rain"? Ugh, forget that they have one of the best selling albums of all time, having won countless awards, get more radio-play than most new bands, killed pop rock, and are considered one of the greatest bands ever. Axl Rose is one of the greatest singers of rock n' roll, how can you make a comment such as that?
  10. I just bought a new pair of headphones. All my other ones broke. Finally my iPod will be used again!
  11. Just go to Best Buy. You get 1,600 points for only $20. You can also get like 4,000 points for $50 I think.
  12. lolwut there was a video proving Windows XP can run on the PS3... Or were you talking about the games?
  13. @Spaz: I guess you didn't go to the links.... And again, I know you can run XP on a PS3, don't know if it plays XP games so great though. Sure would be cool if someone tried though.
  14. MishoM


    Would like to let anyone who is buying it know, Circuit City will have the game for $49.99 until August 25th so if your going to pick it up on the 360, make sure you get it from them and save $10.
  15. MishoM


    Yeah, you can download it via Steam and play "the minute its released". And its a PC/360 exclusive. On the cover of the box instead of saying "Only On Xbox 360" it says "Only On Xbox 360 & Windows".
  16. MishoM


    Anyone picking up BioShock this Tuesday? Did anyone get it early at Toys "R" Us? I'm defiantly getting it after playing that demo, plus just about every review its getting is a "10/10"! Tons of people are even saying it could very well top Zelda: OoT as "greatest game ever". I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. Can't wait to play it! Who's getting it?
  17. I care about United we got 2 points out of a possible 9 and can't buy a goal and Chelsea and Liverpool drew so Im not all that down. As do I, I keep missing these games due to me being in a different time zone and shit though. ;_;
  18. Theres no doubt in my mind that Windows itself runs fine. But the games even I was wondering about, with such a small amount of RAM, I have no idea how they run smooth. But some dude said they did so.... :/ (BTW, it may not be that complicated, I have no idea. There might be an easier way. Linux is easy to get on the PS3, so....) I'd try it myself but my brother would kill me if I fucked with his PS3. :S
  19. I need a non Platinum Hits version of Dead Rising. I really want the game but I don't want to get that stupid silver box. It'd look really bad next to all my green ones. I plan to go to a bunch of stores and see if they've got it. If not, eBay!
  20. http://www.gadgetell.com/2006/11/run-windows-xp-on-your-ps3/ http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-ga...-running-on-ps3 Theres probably a guide somewhere, but you have to run Linux first and etc. Then you can have your Lost Planet on your PS3 lulz. (BTW, those videos are old, it could be MUCH easier to do now.)
  21. Who knows, there could be like a Rockstar guy playing the demo for the public, ya' know.
  22. While browsing a few gaming blog websites today, I noticed that they've released a few new photos of the Games Convention show floor. One of them caught my eye in particular: I suppose this confirms that not only will Rockstar Games be at Leipzig, but that GTA IV will also be making an appearance. However, as you can see in that picture of the show floor, since the game has it’s own huge billboard at the show, I suppose Rockstar will be announcing something regarding the game. This "something" could be the new release date, a new trailer, and who knows, the game could even be playable at the show (although I highly doubt this). I'm also assuming that Manhunt 2, Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis (Wii), and Bully (Wii, 360) will be at the show as well as GTA IV. The Leipzig Games Convention takes place August 23rd - August 26th, TheGTAPlace will keep you updated on all things concerning GTA IV at the show. More Games Convention Photos The Games Convention Blog
  23. lulz, I here you can install Windows XP on a PS3 after installing Yellow Dog Linux and that all PC games run flawlessly on a PS3. Owned IMO.
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