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  1. I don't care if you don't like it, it just makes me angry when people come in here saying things like "oh wow, its such a waste of money IMO", what the hell does that add to the conversation? I wanted to keep this topic positive to avoid arguments, but look whats happened. Every fucking topic that involves Spaz The Great or chris82 has to end with an argument, I don't like it when people say what I like is a "waste of money", so of course I'd argue. It's a nice looking product with many features, it sure isn't a "waste of money" just because you can't fit every picture ever taken on it. If this topic was kept positive, we would have had a nice discussion about what people like, saying something like "I would have liked the iPod Touch to have more than 16GBs", would have been good. But instead he said "its such a waste of money", which of course pissed me off. chris82, you don't have to argue and sound like an arrogant asshole about every fucking thing.
  2. His opinion on the iPod Touch was negative. He seriously could have just left that part out and everything would have been good. To late now though, fuck it. I'm done arguing over it. I like it, I don't care if you don't. You've stated before your not an Apple fan. I don't care anymore.
  3. Well I choose to disregard that because you can't really restrict me from posting negative things in topics. I wasn't really posting anything negative to begin with, I just said what I thought about the iPod Touch. What, do you think this is going to just be a big positive iPod praise-fest? If that was the case, what's the point of a forum? Seriously. The point wasn't for all of us to just flame each other because they like the other iPod. It was to just talk what we like about them, and which one we may be possibly getting. Christ, I said I liked one of them, and it seemed like your entire negative post what directed towards me. Why can't you just be like nice for once? I wrote that in the very first post because I knew this would happen, the few people who enjoy Apple products on this forum can't discuss them without people like you coming in and shitting all over everything. This topic wasn't "POST WHAT YOU HATE ABOUT THE NEW IPODS!", it was "post about the one you like/may purchase".
  4. I hate all the attention it still gets. Sure, it was horriable, but it's over. It happened, what're you going to do? Why keep giving it attention? It's time for people to move on already.
  5. Maybe I worded that wrong, I really used to listen to bands like AC/DC, I've now completely stopped listening to them. If you look at my current iPod, I still have their music on there at its their entire discography. I don't need that, and when I get my new one I doubt I'll even put a single AC/DC song. My music library doesn't vary like some others, I have specific bands I like and ones I don't. I love the Smashing Pumpkins yet hate Tool/A Perfect Circle. Yes, I like Apple, but I also have quite a few Microsoft products so I wouldn't call myself a fanboy. @chris82, I was thinking about getting a Zen, but I like the new iPods much better, meh. I don't have 80GB's worth of music to fill an iPod Classic, and I wouldn't use it for video's or pictures due to the small screen, so I'd rather have an iPod Touch with a bigger screen so that I can at least view my videos and pictures without getting a head ache. @Slayer, WTF? I said you can't say Axl Rose is a bad singer without at least giving me some reasons. Also, on that topic, you said you only listened to Greatest Hits, listening to that album is NOT ENOUGH to say the band should fall apart. That album was garbage, they selected their most well known songs and not their best songs. I would have been fine if you gave me some decent reasons as to why Guns N' Roses should fall apart, I could think of a few an anti-GN'R person would say. You said Axl couldn't sing, and when you say something such as that I expect an explanation as to why he can't. Oh and I'm not like that about everything, only a few things. Saying GN'R is a bad band really ticks me off.... It's one of the things that makes me really angry. > You see, this is exactly why I said "no negative shit" in my topic, because an argument breaks out. Why do you always have to do this? Just comment that you like the iPod Classic and thats it, you didn't have to be a bitch and be all "its defiantly a waste of my money blah!". Ugh!!!
  6. It is a "gimmick," 16GB's is a rip-off with me for $400. For $400 you're allowed to have music, video, pictures, you can browse the internet, browse YouTube, and it has subpar battery life. Also, I'm a trend-following android who doesn't like listening to older music because music older than 2002 is quite obviously out of style so I like to keep the current fad of rap which I listen to and not the crap everyone else used to listen to years ago. I'm fine with a small hard drive because OMG TOUCHING A SCREEN IS SO WORTH THE COST. I'd rather have a squished version of the internet than a bunch of music/video that for some reason I would put on my hard drive, but I wouldn't listen to/watch it. Mmm...music with DRM. And it's especially awesome when combined with a fast and bug-free program like iTunes. Also, going into a snobby expensive coffee shop is fucking amazing, because I can have an iPod which will go crazy every time I enter it because it detects trendy buyable music being played. Fix'd gb2 Spaz's post Oh fuck, there goes chris82, ruining another topic for no fucking reason. Do you get a boner after doing this? 16GB = 3,500 Songs, 20,000 Photos, 20 Hours Of Video (Or Some Of Each) What I like about the iPod Touch is IT'S BIG SCREEN, I don't care if the iPod Classic holds 160GBs, my eyes start to hurt after watching a movie on such a small screen. However, on a screen the size of the iPod Touch's, iPhone's, or PSP's I can watch a video, no matter how long it is. I enjoy the big screen, and would love being able to actually see the pictures on it without having to squint to see whatever is in the picture. Sub-par battery life? 22 hours of video, or 5 hours of video is great to me. Especially since my current one has such horrible battery life. "Doesn't like listening to older music", ummmm, what? The majority of my music library is of the 1990's, or the 1980's. In fact, I've only bought two albums that were made by bands formed after the year 2000. Protip: Don't talk about shit you have no idea about. Yes, I'd rather have the internet, YouTube, iTunes Music Store, have a big screen, have a cool touch screen, have a very thin product, have a very light-weight product, and have a product that has applications such as Google Maps, and can have applications such as the iPhone's Mail app, an NES simulator, and weather/stocks apps than have something with a bunch of storage that I WILL NEVER USE, EVER. You don't even make an argument against the Starbucks thing. There's a Starbucks in the Barns And Nobel's near my house, I go there often to look around at books/music, being able to take out my iPod and use their Wi-Fi for free is just going to be even better. I've heard some good music played there, I wouldn't buy it, but who knows they could play some catchy that I like, whats the big deal if it's played at a Starbucks? Your very annoying, you try to change peoples opinions on things for no reason, I clearly said I didn't want an argument in this topic yet you just had to start one. No one can start a topic expressing a different opinion than yours without you bitching at them, your annoying, and it really seems like your whinnying, "why do you want that when you can a bigger hard drive!", I have no need for a bigger hard drive. I'm fine with only having one movie if I can play it on a big screen and browse the internet, I really don't care if you prefer the iPod Classic, you don't have to try and change my mind.
  7. Well the iPod Touch is the cheapest way to be able to download music through the Wi-Fi iTunes Music Store. Also, you can do that thing with Starbucks which is just fucking amazing, I'll update the first post about that since I forgot it.
  8. It isn't a "gimmick", 16GB's is good with me for $400. For $400 your allowed to have music, video, pictures, you can browse the internet, browse YouTube, and it has quite good battery life. Also, am I the only one who doesn't like having music I listened to 5 years ago on my iPod? I usually keep the current stuff I listen to (which doesn't change often) and not the crap I used to listen to years ago. I'm fine with the small hard drive, and would be fine with only being able to have a few movies/TV shows on there. I'd rather have the internet than have a bunch of crap I don't watch/listen too. And yeah, the iPod Classic is a really good deal. LOL, its hard drive is bigger than my laptops. ;_; Edit My current iPod is about 20GB's and its ages old. I don't need more than 20GB's, I've got crap on here that I never listen to. (Example: Metallica's and AC/DC's discography's)
  9. What the hell, why hasn't this topic already been made?! They look sexy: I went to the Apple Store today in Michigan and got to play with the iPod Nano and the iPod Classic. The iPod Nano looks so great in person, its weighs nothing, and is so thin its crazy. I loved the interface on both the Nano/Classic, looked great. Cover Flow kinda' lagged on the Nano, and I really doubt I'd use it if I were to buy one since it's not as fun with a click wheel. The Classic was great, it felt nice, was very thin, and the edges on it felt much better than the older one. The Classic also comes in a 160GB model which is great if you have a crap load of videos. However, I plan to buy an iPod Touch. (It not coming in more than 16GB's is kinda' lame but whatever.) I love the iPhone's Safari browser and the whole Multi-Touch thing so I really can't wait to get a Touch. I hear it'll be released on the 28th. The iPod Touch comes in an 8GB model (for $300) or a 16GB model (for $400). The iPod Classic comes in an 80GB model (for $250) or a 160GB model (for $350). Also, Apple has added an iTunes Music Store for the iPhone/iPod Touch. You can buy songs on the go. And in some Starbucks stores, you can walk in, click on the Starbucks logo in the iTunes Music Store, and buy EXACTLY whats playing in the store. You can also see the last five songs playing in the store your in. This is just fucking awesome to me that you can actually see whats playing right then and there in that specific store. I'll be getting the iPod Touch as I mentioned just because I love the touch screen/big screen. Plus I'm fine with not being able to hold every song ever made on an iPod. Which one are you guys getting? (no anti-Apple/iPod in mah topics plz)
  10. I play Tony Hawk. But that's about as far as I go.
  11. We get many more features than Elite Members. News Teams members are part of the staff, Elite Members are just really good members.
  12. Bono. Fuck yes Edit: Bono has the greatest sunglasses ever.
  13. Yeah my edit only took a few minutes, it'd be to much work to get it exact and Sky said he just wanted to see what it'd look like so... :/
  14. I hope this works for you: I kinda' fucked up on the back tire, sorry.
  15. Although this topic isn't exactly useful, banning someone for trying to be helpful is just plain out ridiculous.
  16. Or you could just click on the smileys to the left of the post your writing up....
  17. 1. Buy a CD from her favorite band. 2. Write a letter. 3. Stick the letter into the CD. 4. ??? 5. PROFIT!
  18. Whats so bad about TGTAP that your mother can't see it?
  19. Ok, I don't know if this was covered but heres how it'll happen: The sun will expand and let out gases growing twice its size. We'll all die once it expands. Then, I'm guessing it'll explode because supposedly after these stars die they're VERY tiny, so it won't shrink, so I'm guessing there'll be an explosion and it'll get tiny.
  20. Misho = My first name M = The first letter in my last name Put them together: MishoM Also, on a side note, its pronounced "ME+SHOW" (the first name), and for the last just say the letter So it should be "ME+SHOW+M."
  21. "Everlong" - Foo Fighters This is easily one of the best songs, ever.
  22. I'm quite positive that our sun will end up exploding once it dies. And many star's are the same size as our sun, in fact, there are other suns millions of times bigger than our sun.
  23. We'll ALL be dead before the sun totally explodes. And that won't be for millions of years so theres nothing to worry about.
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