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  1. The boxart looks good, I'm actually glad they didn't use a whole new design to be honest. I suppose the trailer will end in a release date, or at least a release month to give us an idea of when we'll get our hands on it. Its like August all over again!
  2. I don't like rap that much, but to say I don't like even one rap song, or rapper is just stupid. I don't like disco, but if some funky song comes on, well then what the hell. I don't like pop, but I still like Michael Jackson. I don't like metal, but I don't mind listening to Metallica every once in a while. Just because you like some rap doesn't mean your conforming if its that important to you, chris82. I can't name many specific rappers that I like because I really don't listen to much at all. But, I love Rage Against The Machine. The lead singer is a rapper and hes quite good in my opinion, he fits the band perfectly. I'd check 'em out Charger, you might like them. They're all "L.A." and stuff, I think you wouldn't find them to be that bad if you didn't mind the funky guitar solos.
  3. Yep, him and Carlos Mencia are the biggest jokes in the comedy business. Anyways, my favorite comedian has to be Mitch Hedberg. There will never be anyone funnier IMO. Any other Mitch Hedberg fans? "I was gonna' have my teeth whitened, but then I said, 'fuck that, I'll just get a tan instead.'"
  4. Same here, if I had the money, I wouldn't hesitate. They look amazing, every time I go down to the Apple Store I always play with one. :]
  5. Dump the stupid font you used for "Mr.LlamaLlama GFX". It ruins it, other than that, lookin' good.
  6. The problem people have with Macs, and people who own Macs are that a lot of them can't shut up about them. But its not like everyone does that. For example, you don't see Chris creaming his pants over his MacBook do you? (Well... I don't... ) And they are nice, no reason to hate on them at all IMO. I'll probably end up buying a MacBook when they come out with their new line of 'em.
  7. Look at different websites. Just about everyone I go to is showing me a different date, Best Buy says March 3rd, Circuit City says April 1st, Amazon.com says April 30th, and GAME.co.uk says "2008". These are all just filler dates, something to tell the customers who pre-ordered or want to pre-order when the game is "expected" to ship, they just randomly select a date in the time period Rockstar Games has set (Q2). None of these are right, wait for an official announcement from Rockstar.
  8. What do you want the computer for? Give us what you'll be doing and we'll try and help you pick out the right one.
  9. Him and his mob of mothers against violent video games and the first amendment will never "kill" GTA, but I can see him eventually ruining the Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games name to the point were if your buying a Rockstar game, you feel like your buying pornography or something.
  10. "bah bah African American sheep"
  11. Well what would disappoint fans more? A GTAVCS-type game in March or an epic well-made GTASA-type game in October? They have to now make two versions, they have to create good online game play, and they're making probably the best game for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, let 'em take their time. Remember, the more time they take the better the game they make. Just like Pixar with movies.
  12. I'd like to know where they're at with the game right now, because it should really be available now. I wanna' know how big of a miss "October 17th" was!
  13. It'll probably come out in like, October 2008. I doubt they'll have it done any earlier. Although June would be awesome.
  14. After almost a month since the game was originally set to be released, Take2 still can’t pinpoint a release date for Grand Theft Auto IV. Strauss Zelnick, chairman of Take2, refuses to give us a release date until they’re “utterly convinced” that they can commit to said date (unlike last time). Zelnick went on to say, “It’s a fair question given that we weren’t able to stick to our firm date the last time. We’re going to give a firm date when we are utterly convinced that we have it and that isn’t right now,” at a BMO Capital Markets conference yesterday. Zelnick also mentioned about Rockstar missing the holiday season with such a big title, “I think there was a concern initially when we slipped that we missed the boat in terms of Christmas but I think that concern has been alleviated. I think most people see it as okay – hardware penetration is going to grow over Christmas and because this is a must-have title it's probably okay that we’re not selling it in the Christmas season.” This seems fine to me as well, after the holidays when everyone has a new Xbox 360 or PS3, and has already played through the big titles by second quarter `08, they’ll be dieing to play GTA IV! This might also possibly allow them to bundle-in the game in time for Christmas 2008, although unlikely. Zelnick said that the exclusive content due out for the Xbox 360 version of the game would not play “A big role in terms of its contribution in 2008.” He continued, saying, “It’s something we ought to be doing and my guess is that’s where the industry is going. If you believe over time that package goods will be supplemented very much with online downloadable content, and you believe as I do that the future of playing interactive entertainment is networked multiplayer, then there’s every reason to believe that downloadable content makes all kinds of sense. And eventually if you have a packaged good and you sell upgrades it’s a pretty terrific business model for everyone. I think it could be really interesting, but to be clear, it’s not in our plans and we’re not relying on it for our success.” Stay tune for more new regarding GTA IV’s release date! Source: Joystiq.
  15. LOL at the irony in this topic. I remember when I said that people didn't have "true love" at the age of 13 and I got ganged up by the forum, looky here....
  16. My thoughts exactly, but it doesn't really matter I suppose. Oh well
  17. I know Chris, I thought I was going to get the scoop for TGTAP when posting this!
  18. Thanks, I'm a little rusty. This is my first news post in quite some time on any site I write at. There hasn't been much GTA or GN'R news lately. :[
  19. @OGTAM: If it has been completed, then it hasn't been posted at this site yet. So big deal if we post it? I called it "New" because it seemed "NEW," it was completed some time ago yet not posted at quite a few big-name GTA4 websites. It was also JUST posted at sites like Kotaku.com, and PSU, so big deal if we're all a little late. Jeeeeeeez. Looking at some of the comments, it's "New" to others as well. @MrLlamaLlama: I don't see a spelling error, care to point it out for me? Thanks.
  20. @C Blood: No , this is the second or third billboard. I really hope more of these show up soon.
  21. Well the advertisement is now complete. That and there hasn't been much news other than those sort-of interesting dummy boxes, so I though I'd post. If you don't want to read it, ignore it. ;]
  22. Another enormous Grand Theft Auto IV advertisement is up in New York City today. The ad can be found at Greene St & Canal, New York City, and is the same picture that has been shown in many artwork pieces, including the dummy boxes shown to us not long ago. Here's a nice picture of the billboard taken at night: However, these billboards don't take five seconds to create, below are a few shots of the ad being formed: Could this be a sign that new information is coming our way? I sure hope so since we've been experiencing such a drought in GTA IV-related news. Possibly an update from the official site, new demo's for gaming magazines, who knows! Let's just hope we'll be getting something new soon. Altogether the billboard looks fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of these sprouting up around NYC. I also hope the next billboard uses some artwork we haven't seen, I'm getting sick of seeing that lady over and over again. Images taken from PSU.com.
  23. The value of the product is an opinion. I personally think its worth it because I'm able to go on the internet, that feature alone in an iPod is very awesome to me, meaning I think it's worth it. This means I'm spoiled? Rarely do I get enough money to buy something as expensive as an iPod or a gaming console, when I do buy one I always make sure it has what I want. This one does, it has the internet which I've really wanted, the iPhone's interface, it has enough memory for me, and its very thin and light. I never said there was anything wrong with not liking it as much as me, I really like the design and the whole touch screen iPod thing, but theres no reason to argue about it. It wasn't me who started this, it was Spaz who insulted me. Read the posts over.
  24. But you did insult me, and called me an "android" for no reason, and I'm guessing "I'm fine with a small hard drive because OMG TOUCHING A SCREEN IS SO WORTH THE COST." wasn't an insult or wasn't directed at me either? Spaz The Great also said "OMG, so you get to pay 400 dollars for the opportunity to pay MORE MONEY for music? WOW!!! Sign me up immediately!". So you weren't only calling the iPod Touch a shit, but you also insulted me for liking it. Do I insult you for liking Windows XP? No, I know a lot of people who would, but I don't because you happen to like it, and I don't give a shit. I don't go around saying "Windows XP is a peice of shit" whenever you mention it, however you do say this kind of stuff whenever the iPhone, iPod Touch, or a lot of Mac-related stuff in general is said. "Censor my thoughts", rofl, it's not like I'm censoring your thoughts on something semi-important, all I said was that I wanted a nice conversation about what everyone here liked about the new iPods, and what they would possibly want in a future revision. I didn't want you to come in and just tell me why everything I like isn't good, it's good for what I want it. The 160GB seems like a waste in my opinion due to the iPod Classic's very small screen, however the iPod Touch has a much bigger display so I'd rather trade in the GB's for the nice big screen, plus the few other things (internet, etc) are nice to have on there as well. 3,500 songs is good for me, I don't need you telling me why what I think is wrong and why I should listen to you and buy what you want. A conversation isn't a bunch of people yelling at each other about why what one likes is bad and why what another likes is much better. You need to be more laid back, as do many other people at this forum. You don't hesitate to argue on anything, you saw that I liked the iPod Touch and because of that you wrote in an overall asshole like tone how "its a gimmick" and how "its a waste of money". Why can't you for fucking once just say "Oh, that's cool. But I need more space so I'd rather pick up the Classic one since I'm fine with this and that and etc.", no you have to say "NO, thats a rip-off and a gimmick, you should buy this". Seriously man, you need to just chill out. Just because this is a forum doesn't mean we have to argue every chance we get, jeeeeeeeeeeeeez. And your the once bitching at me, and so is Spaz, hes the one who said "OMG, so you get to pay 400 dollars for the opportunity to pay MORE MONEY for music? WOW!!! Sign me up immediately!", what the fuck am I going to say to that? I was ready to have a nice conversation with a few dudes in here, but you came in and shit on everything. For fucking once, just have a nice conversation without bitching at someone, FOR ONCE.
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