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  1. What? Nintendo pretty much has the biggest hardcore gamer fanbase, 4 games (MP3, SSBB, SMG, Zelda: TP) isin't going to satisfy them. That's were the DS and Wii are different, the DS is constantly getting good new games that the Nintendo hardcore gamer fanbase love, were as the Wii isin't. And it's starting to become a problem to be honest.
  2. Yeah, but the Wii only has like four games for hardcore gamers... :\ On the 360, you have CoD4, Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Half-Life 2, etc. Thats the thing I really don't like about the Wii, not enough games for the hardcore games. Which would be a pretty good reason why the Wii isn't for "hardcore gamers", wouldn't it? Hardcore gamers usually annoy me. They become too bothersome and obsessed, and if you aren't as good as them you are "uber fail" and a "n00b". Fucking jerk-offs, I just want to relax and play my games. Christ.[/rant] But yeah, the Wii is for everyone. It gets people who aren't into gaming playing games. It's something most people who aren't fanboys or snobs can get into. But it isin't for everyone... I don't exactly classify myself as a hardcore gamers, but I know the hardcore gamers sure as hell don't want to play WiiFit, and WiiSports. And their seems to just be so many of those type of titles on the console, and not enough Metroid Prime 3's to balance it out....
  3. Yeah, but the Wii only has like four games for hardcore gamers... :\ On the 360, you have CoD4, Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Halo 3, Halo Wars, Half-Life 2, etc. Thats the thing I really don't like about the Wii, not enough games for the hardcore games.
  4. Ok, I figured this way out a very long time ago and have been using it ever since. READ THIS TO LEARN HOW TO DO A DOUBLE STROKE First, add a stroke to whatever picture or text your using. To do so, right click on the layer the stroke should be added to, then go up to "Blending Options...". From there, click "Stroke" on the left side, it should be the last one. Now pick what size you want. Now, it should look like this: Now that you have the stroke, heres were the second stroke comes into play. Keep the "Blending Options..." open. Go up to "Drop Shadow". Pick "Normal" for the "Blend Mode" and bump the opacity to 100%. Pick your color, and make the "Spread" 100%. Also, now adjust the size, and the distance you want the second stroke to be. It should now look like this (notice, the red stroke is still there and there is now a white one, a double stroke): HAZZUH! That's it, you now have a double stroke. Your done, your welcome, bye.
  5. "Disciples Of Babylon" - DragonForce Hell yes.
  6. ................. Jace...... You're an idiot....... Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 Dr. Mario Mario & Wario Mario Paint Mario's Time Machine Super Mario All-Stars((I count this as a game, even if it's a collection)) Super Mario Kart Super Mario RPG Super Mario World Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Dr. Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Mario Party Mario Party 2 Mario Party 3 Super Mario 64 Super Mario Sunshine Paper Mario Apparently I can't count....... Because that's not even all the Mario games out currently, and I count 20 just right there.... Quite a few of those are for gameboy.. And I messed up my statement. I meant only 2 3d mario games only aimed at Mario himself (so not the Mario Party's and Mario Kart ect.) So that means only Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. And I don't really count paper Mario as one of those. Actually, add two more to that list. Super Mario 64 DS is a port of the 64 game, but with added levels and what not. (It's possible to get I think 20 or so more stars.) Also, New Super Mario Bro's for the Nintendo DS is also partly in 3D. And you should count Paper Mario, the second one goes all in 3D and shit. So there's 5. (And you better not say those DS games don't count because honestly, the DS is more of a system then the GameCube.)
  7. Well, at that point no one knew much about the Revo and people were probably doubting Nintendo because the GC was only "kiddy games"... On top of this, Sony was lying through their teeth about the PS3.... Now we know what the Wii does, and what the PS3 doesn't. So it just makes sense. Although I agree with you, I have to say, the Wii DOES have quite a few games aimed at children. (I was just looking at Wii games the other day and saw quite a few games like "Meet The Robinsons" or whatever.) Still though, you are right. Oh and Jace, those games Spaz listed, they aren't the only Mario games. There's Mario Party 4-8, New Super Mario Bros, and quite a few more. See them all here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mario_games_by_year Hes in like, at least 5-10 each year.
  8. I suggest you get an actual host. DreamHost is what I have and is quite good. It amazing hosting, and it's quite cheap. You can also pay with money orders if you don't want to use a credit card and what not.
  9. Actually, the thing is, I think it is the "cool" thing to have right now. Back when it was first announced, WHEN I WANTED ONE, and it was called the "Revolution", the "cool" thing was to hate on Nintendo and to love the PS3. Well look at things now! The "cool" thing is to hate on the PS3 and to cream your pants over the Wii.
  10. If Final Fantasy 13 and Metal Gear Solid 4 are released in the same time frame then it defiantly won't be behind. Another thing that could really boast sales for the PlayStation 3 would be Universal Studio's going neutral and coming to Blu-Ray, that would be the final nail on the HD-DVD coffin and would really make the thing sell well. (Although, that second reason wouldn't be for gaming.) But these things are taking forever to come. As for the Wii, I REALLY doubt it'll have the same sales as it's having now in a few years. Zelda's already out, and all the other big titles come out this year. But if you look at Nintendo's track record, they have a tendency to release just one of those big games for each console. (Aside from Metroid.) Plus, I mean, how much longer until each FPS, each racer, and each Madden game control the exact same way? Then you have a GameCube with a few innovative, different titles every so months. The Wii doesn't really have any long-term potential for me to be honest. Eh, those are just my opinion's on the consoles. I think everyone already knows that I like the 360 because it has everything I want, so I'd rather not write it all up. Edit: Sure, the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is good, but I don't need to spend $250+ to play that. (I'm assuming you bought it on the Virtual Console.) I could either just play the game on the N64, or play it on the GameCube since I have the GC version. All those other games you listed don't really interest me. I hate Metroid with all the back tracking, Brawl seems like fun as does Mario Galaxy, Mario Party and Smooth Moves received bad ratings I heard, and Mario Kart will probably control like any other racer on the console. So basically you've got Mario Kart: Double Dash with added controls which are similar to the other racers on the console.
  11. Best games my ass. I was just looking at Wii games, nearly half of them were made by Disney and were that "Meet The Robinson's" or some fishing game. The Wii has one or two great games, (Zelda, Wario Ware) and that's it. It doesn't compare to the Xbox 360's catalog. (Because, well it's been out for so much longer.) Honestly, come on. "Best games"? Come on dude!
  12. I'm in fucking love with their new song "Evolution". Honestly, it's so awesome. I'm not even a big Korn fan, but I seriously love this song. I can't stop listening to it, it's so catchy. Bravo Korn, I may very well pick up your new album if its similar to this.
  13. "Evolution" - Korn I fucking love this song.
  14. Yeah, sorda'. Everyone gets a month free of Xbox Live Gold. Plus, when you buy the system it comes with a bunch of HD trailers, some demo's, and one or two Xbox Live Arcade games.
  15. I've got an Xbox 360. My brother has a PS3, he used to have a Wii but we both got tired of it after like 6 days, so he sold that. I'm fine with just having an Xbox 360, it has all the games I want.
  16. Oh man, I actually really feel bad for him. Can't wait until he responds.
  17. Virus scanner? Effective against ANONYMOUS? Heh.... RIIIIGHT.... Teh fuck, buddy? Oh, on the topic of /b/ and the INTERNET HATE MACHINE..... LOL, I wonder what wheelmans going to do..............
  19. True, this really show be opened to be honest. :\
  20. Spaz, if they want to argue it's fine. But why the hell are they calling each other "piece's of shit", morons, and making fun of each other's usernames? Honestly, I agree with you, this topic should be left open and they should argue, but I really hate how they're name calling each other and swearing at each other, theres really no need for that tbh.
  21. Are Wii's still hard to find? I was at Best Buy today and they had a sign saying they had "3 Wii's", I went to the Wii section and there were two Best Buy employee's with three baskets, mysteriously DUMPING, and I literally mean DUMPING games and accessories into two Best Buy baskets. I'm wondering if they're going to force all that crap on people. (And I really mean crap, I mean who the hell wants a Wii user's guide, 5 controller gloves, a nun-chuck (no regular controller), two classic controllers, and WiiPlay? There was even more shit but I can't remember. I really feel bad for you if you want one and all that stuff is forced onto you. I remember way back in December when me and my brother bought one, all we got was the console. So I'm wondering if they're still hard to find. When I saw the sign and those baskets full of crap, I started thinking "yes", but I've been wondering this all week because I saw about five at a Circuit City earlier this week.
  22. I'm watching the video for Rick Astley's hit debut single of 1987, "Never Gonna' Give You Up".
  23. Sort of. Take out GC and put GBA/DS there. And Jace, I think yours is just fucked I've got the 300001 model ps2 (Dunno how many zeros).. the one that had the laser problems, but it works fine for me. Actually, I did have some stuff comes loose inside, but it was an easy fix (Dad works on gutiar amps) Xbox has been flawless, I love having my own music on it. And the handheld systems were just fun. I've honestly never played a GC, but it's fun from what I've heard. But everything will eventually break. Sure, maybe not for years and years, and yes I know you're talking about short term breakage. I really don't think the 360 would be on the market with a 33% marginal failure rate. That would have obviously been taken off ages ago. 1/3 of them. It doesn't make sense. LOL, they'd never have a product with a 33% failure rate on the market. (Are they even allowed to have a game console with a 33% failure rate on the market?) Who came up with that "33%" bull shit anyway? A Sony fanboy? The only who knows the "failure rate" would be Microsoft, and I don't believe they've released ANYTHING saying how many have broken. Plus, what would be in this "33%"? Only "3-red-lights"? Or what? That 33% bull shit has been pissing me off, its probably more like 3, 4, or 5%.
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