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  1. I didn't see this topic, but yeah I love the Cure. Robert Smith really is one of the best song writers, he pretty much invented the whole "emo" look, despite the music not being anything close to "emo" music (my theory is that the only reason emo bands don't make music like the Cure is because they're so shit and don't have enough talent to make music of the same caliber).
  2. Yeah I do, my serve is decent. I've really made huge improvement on aiming, and my backhand. One advantage I have is that I'm actually very skinny, and thus can run really fast. I can make it from one side of the court to the other quite fast, which can really give you the upper-hand.
  3. Hey man, not much, you?

  4. bump Novak Djokovic just won the Master's Cup in Shanghai, it was awesome, he beat Russia's Davydenko 6-1, 7-5. Great match, Federer better watch out next year, looks like Djokovic might be taking his spot! "The final victory earns Djokovic 50 points in the ATP 2008 Race and takes him to within just two points of second-placed Roger Federer at the season end." Also in doubles, Zimonjic and his partner won, and so Zimonjic is now world #1 in the individual doubles rankings. !
  5. go ahead and try to find "George Bush" in the Bible then. Prove your point. Go check out the show "Decoding the Past" All the info is in there. Actually "George Bush" is in the Bible, not sure if this has been brought up but have you heard of the Bible Code? Might be lies, but if you look at pages and try and find words, be it going down in angles, etc., you can find just about everything that's happened. There's a show about it that randomly pops up on History International. But never mind, sorry just wanted to mention that, back on topic. I'm quite positive that if something were to hit the earth, and we know about it this far in advance, there's nothing to be worried about at all.
  6. Didn't they all get wiped out? So they know exactly when the world will end, but not how to make a gun. Great.
  7. If the Mayans were sooooo smart they could predict the exact date of the end of the world, where are they now?
  8. Those are all just dialects of the Serbian language, except for Bulgarian which I have no clue about. It's a bit sad that these countries don't want to call it Serbian because of political reasons in my opinion. What language did these countries speak when they were apart of the older, much larger Serbia? There was no "Montenegrin" I'll tell you that lol! But anyway, I can speak English, Serbian (including some dialects of it), and am now learning a tad bit of French as well.
  9. None of the above. Matt Bellamy is my favorite.
  10. I predict a Djokovic win, against Nadal since they're on opposites sides of the draw. On Djokovic's side, I'm seeing an epic semi-finals match against Federer. If Djokovic wins the U.S. Open he'll be the new world number 2, I think that alone will push him to capture his first U.S. Open title.
  11. Yeah, that's really stupid. Becky Hammon didn't have an opportunity to make the USA women's basketball team so she went to play for Russia but yet you've got a Japanese diver who was on the American team and several Chinese table tennis players from China on the American team. Also, there was an American basketball player who played for Russia, only on the Men's side and no one made a deal out of that. The whole thing sounds dumb. About the Phelps/Cavic issue, I'll just say that the touch pads don't lie. lol, it's fixed. Just like how they screwed over Cavic in those European races, they screw him over again in the olympics. It's hard not to have sympathy for the guy.
  12. Oh yeah sorry, here's the vid of Kate Nash covering "Fluorescent Adolescent":
  13. LOL! I was about to post that! She completely ruined it!
  14. I was at the mall earlier actually and went into the bookstore, they had Tennis magazine, and it had U.S. Open predictions. They predicted Djokovic for the mens title, and I believe Ivanovic for the womens! Funny thing is... That's exactly what I want! :-) And yeah, Serbia ftw in the top 10s (especially for such a small country), hopefully we get at least one title at the U.S. Open! And of course... Hopefully we'll get some more impressions...!
  15. Doesn't matter, half of the American athletes weren't even from America. The flag holder was from Senegal and just got citizenship or something. Yet some lady went to play for Russia and all the Americans called her "un-patriotic". rofl! Plus Cavic beat Phelps yet they gave it to Phelps, funn how they won't release the images of the final touch, isn't it?
  16. Nope, the NME. I'm assuming I got your question correct?
  17. Jimi Hendrix. What popular indie music magazine help made Alex Turner's (main) band quite famous? vasco can't answer that ^
  18. lol, I probably know more about Buckethead than you (I run a Guns N' Roses fansite), let alone rock n' roll in general.
  19. I found BioShock on sale at FYE for $20 (Xbox 360 version). Of course this was a sale, and was a while ago, but I'm sure you could now find it for about $30-$40, perhaps less if it's used.
  20. I thought we could use a proper topic for discussing tennis since the other one was really just about Wimboldon and we all rambled on in general about tennis, so I thought it deserved one. Below are the top 10 players in both mens and womens singles. Top 10 men as of August 18, 2008: 1. Rafael Nadal 2. Roger Federer 3. Novak Djoković 4. David Ferrer 5. Nikolay Davydenko 6. Andy Murray 7. David Nalbandian 8. Andy Roddick 9. James Blake 10. Stanislas Wawrinka Top 10 women as of August 18, 2008: 1. Ana Ivanović 2. Jelena Janković 3. Svetlana Kuznetsova 4. Serena Williams 5. Elena Dementieva 6. Maria Sharapova 7. Dinara Safina 8. Venus Williams 9. Vera Zvonareva 10. Agnieszka Radwańska So who's everyone's favorite? What's everyone's prediction for the U.S. Open which starts up tomorrow (Aug. 25)? Let's talk tennis! :-)
  21. Fender for me. I absolutely love the short-scales, (Musicmasters, Broncos, Mustangs, etc.).
  22. MishoM

    f u microsoft

    ROFLMAO. Mishom, are you able to just send it back and get your money back? So, you could just get a totally new 360. No you misunderstood, I haven't paid for anything. I just got my Xbox back and it broke again, if say, it was a good two months after I got it back and I had the issue I'm having now, THEN I'd have to pay. But I'm pretty sure I should be safe since it hasn't even been a week since I've gotten it back and it's broken again. Still though, ANOTHER two weeks without GTA IV :/ (which is fine, I'm currently busy as fuck but I still would like to have it working ffs).
  23. MishoM

    f u microsoft

    bump So anyway, I sent it in, got it back about a week or so later. Three days after I get it back (hadn't played a thing yet, was too busy) it broke again. I now get one ring on the bottom right. This isn't covered by the three red lights warranty, but luckily for me it happened so fast. Surely there must be some 30 day warranty since repair, right? lol, I got it back and had the box it came in near the garbage, I didn't even get the chance to throw it away before it broke again. Looks like I'll be using the same box to send it back!
  24. moar like 7. Cavic beat him in the 100m butterfly. I really don't care for it anymore after that race, there are tons of people saying Cavic beat him, and he did, it shouldn't be about who hits the wall the hardest but who goes the distance the fastest -- and that's what Cavic did.
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