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  1. lol, yea. The Leap of fail i call it :P.

  2. Thanks, i call it the leap of faith (death) lol.

  3. Thanks man, if you haven't figured it out already... i like anime.

  4. Well howdy to you to man =D i wishes you lots of luck in the license plate business. Rock on dude. \,,/

  5. hay dude, welcome back :D

  6. or maybe its Chris's old account?

  7. do not disrespect teh

    adimin, bot knows all '.'

  8. Cool man, keep it up.

    your 10 times better than me when i started. it took me months to get to were i am. you have great potential :D

  9. dude you have da best avatar ever! lol we have cookie xD

  10. You are the one post wonderer lol

  11. Just saw your ninja, martial arts fight on your web page.

    dat was teh shit !!

    how long did it take you?

  12. hi, just saw your ninja fight movie on your

    webpage. that was the shit! how long did it take you?

  13. Wazup dude !? \,,/ \,,/

    l l l l

  14. Jesus christ man, your

    Avatar is fucking


    have sex in water lol.

    GENIOUS !!!

  15. hi, how are you enjoying your 600 smackaronies :D

  16. last time we saw him was 6 moths ago.

    nuf said

  17. im not accusing you or anything but you was the last person to visit my profile ... do you know why one of my topics have gone missing ?