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  1. Since these two days in which i own IV i have reached the second island and stuff. This is not the first time that this sh*t happens though... I go into Cluckin bell and it freezes.... I just almost finished this mission with Dwayne and BAM, the screen freezes and i cant do sh*t! Also sometimes (most of the time) the Multiplayer does not work. It does not find a game provider, in this case PS Network did some sh*t since i own PS3. I have played once and it pretty awesome but now it just keeps on f*ckin up all the time... that pisses me off. And ye, the graphic aint dat good anyways. I mean cheap ass texturing with low-res and flat images (not everywhere but on some buildings) and collisions of SA where when you punch the wall your hand goes through...
  2. Ofcaurse it is and i dont get the people who think otherwise. In previous GTA games it was unrealistic that after tapping or holding the handbrakes cars drifted perfectly because in real life if you drive at a high speed and then on a sharp corner suddenly pull the handbrake, guess what... Your f*cked for real. It might be f*ckin hard to get used to but still its realistic.
  3. SAME, but mine clossed at 6:30 PM!!! Now i gotta get it TOMORROW MORNING!!! All because i live in the ass of the world: Austria (crappy place in Europe next to Germany) I HATE IT!!!
  4. Take Two are really pissed off at people constantly adding gameplay leaks n sh*t so they might be overexadurating and deleting all vids to do with IV sent in or somethin. I really don't know but this is what i am asuming. Take Two and Rockstar are pissed about all this sh*t that happened to do with people sending in gameplay leaks and sh*t before the release date. I'd also be pissed....
  5. I actually heard that now cars take MORE damage from previous things i read because now the vehicle can be damaged from all angles or some sh*t like dat. I dunno since you guys are tellin me otherwise... I just will have to wait off... I won't be able to focus in school tommorow since im getting straight after school and i have 2 tests which i will probobly fail because of my huge hype.
  6. The gay stock ones dont. The ones given with the PS3 at the beggining do not have a shock thingie but thats not a negative because due to that they are much lighter and do not get f*cked up as easily. I still prefer the ones with shock thingies.
  7. So why wasn't LCS and VCS releasied for PC ? That was a VERY VERY STRONG comeback!! Thats a very good fact you made there. Its a fact but i still hope it does come out for PC eventhough i got a nice PS3 there on the side..
  8. Ofcaurse, Well usually. I depends on the game. You have to set up your mic under system settings and if its supported by the game sure!
  9. Lol is it gonna come out in Austria? (not Australia) Its this place next to germany in Europe. It sucks ass hardcore that i have to live there for another 4 years... I dont think we will have a midnight sale :'( THAT SUCKS FOR ME!!!!
  10. LESS damage? THAT SUCKS A$$!!! Im gettin the game tommorow and if you are right i will be very dissapointed....... I was expecting the BEST game EVER. Handbrake, i think thats pretty realistic that i swings you around becuase thats what would happen in real life if you pull it that hard on a high speed, i would not just drift nicely. Or maybe Niko sucks at driving... Lol. Still im pretty excited to play it for myself tommorow after school.
  11. Rofl! I guess he will never get to play IV then! earlier today i checked his profile and his pic actually says 1915 - 2008... Wtf? lol [Awakes from death] There is nothing that can stop me from getting IV on in 2 days!!
  12. Its still unfair like this! All these people are so lucky!!!!! [Cries, runs kicks the PC which flies on the Playstation and destroys it. The playstation burns and explodes and Dr.Dbl-Gee dies as his intestines and organs fly all across the room. blood is everywhere. Dr.Dbl-Gee RIP 1915 - 2008]
  13. Im super super jelous!!! [Cries and runs away kicking his PC]
  14. When i get IV in my hands, SA will be in that corner where GTA III and VC are resting right now covered in dust... But when im done with IV im might look back to that corner... I might... play SA MP later. But i doubt it.
  15. I dont get why... How could he let this happen? He released a console with serious errors. It was not meant to be sold so early, that was a fag move. Now all this shit is happenin cuz of his mistake.
  16. Your lack of comprehension is laughable. The guy put a picture of someone elses RROD on his live stream... Kay. Honestly, shut the fuck up about all this comprehension shit, I have a comprehension problem. ALL I said was "That's Halo 3..." and you called me "smarty pants"? WTF? You failed to see the whole point of the topic and the photograph, go bash your head on a wall or something - that's what talking to you feels like Lol, enjoy reading topics for three days but not being able to post. He didn't know that your a mod, did he?
  17. Awesome. Im jelous because so many people own iv now... Not because of the review just because all these people played and i didnt.
  18. Nope, thats not what it says on the official Playstation site.
  19. ROFL!! I lol'd at that! and ye the dude got his question answered so ye.. But im not gonna CLOSE the TOPIC lol, guess why...
  20. People are like completing missions while im sitting here having no clue and waiting... Constantly waiting... waiting, waiting, waiting... I have no clue since i sadly dont yet have IV... sadly... i just have to wait.. wait... wait.....
  21. Sony is planning to release a Playstation3 pack containing GTA IV on the first of May for a strictly limited time. Here is the advertisement i found on Playstation.com
  22. Heres a short preview of IV which i just found cruising around the Playstation site. Its nothing special but still has some pretty general info to it. Here you go: GTA IV is still a few days away, but PlayStation.com was lucky enough to get a private showing of the game. The lights dimmed... the HD-TV lit up......and wham, we were thrust into the living, breathing world of Grand Theft Auto IV. This is living... The first thing that became instantly apparent was the ‘immensity’ of the game. The city has the same scale and life force as its real life counterpart. Buildings tower over the hustle & bustle of the city streets - all sprawling with every type of commotion that you'd expect to find.....traffic....pedestrians....yellow city cabs...hot dog stands...it's all here. If you thought that GTA San Andreas was big, then there's no way to describe the sheer size of this town. It's just huge! The second most outstanding feature of GTAIV is the ‘production values’. Forget playing a 'game', this is more like playing a 'movie'. Even better though, it's an interactive movie. The in-game camera angles, the voice acting, the character animations, the music, the emotion, the scripts.....all entirely on par with a Hollywood blockbuster motion picture. The guys at Rockstar are redefining the genre with this one. Hollywood take note. Games are the new storytelling medium of choice, and after experiencing GTAIV, you'll see why. Without giving away specific details of the game, we can give you a few tid-bits of goodness. Graphics… The visuals in GTA IV are a sight to behold. From certain locations within the game, one can treat themselves to magnificent sweeping views of the city skyline, particularly at night when you can see the bright city lights. It's easy to forget that you're in a real time 3D world that is as ‘free-roaming’ as it is beautiful. How can a 3D environment this big, look so good and be fully interactive at the same time? Kudos to Rockstar. They are squeezing every known ounce of power out of the PLAYSTATION®3 at this early stage of its lifecycle. Music… The music in GTA IV is back in a big way. Previous GTAIV games have become famous for their in-game car radio stations and talk-shows. GTAIV is no exception. While we can't give any details about the music tracks that have been secured for the game, we can tell you that the radio stations simply rock and you'll be cruising the streets of GTAIV listening to them for a substantial amount of time. Action… The game play in GTAIV is a more than an equal match to its visuals. The game is incredibly fluid, almost playing more like a simulation rather than a game. There are no linear segments of level breakdowns in GTAIV. Rather than playing through all of the missions and levels - the user instead just ‘lives’ through them. To put it into perspective for you, let’s say that you could get a call on your virtual mobile phone offering you a mission. You can choose to accept the mission, and then pursue it at your own pace. You might complete one aspect of the mission, and then choose to go and meet up with a friend for a drink, or visit another part of town. You can then choose to continue the mission that you were working on earlier. There's no rigid level structure - instead, just taking things in at your own pace as you feel like it - GTA style. Let it be known though, that when you do begin taking on some of the missions, you can expect some awesome action involving many car chases, shoot-outs, and lots of firepower. All in all, our sneak preview of GTA IV confirmed one thing for us. The wait has been worth it. This game is truly the next generation title that fans have been waiting for. This is undoubtedly the most impressive game we have seen this year. If you don't own a PS3 yet, there's never been a better time... GTAIV will be available in stores from April 29th. (New Pic?) --> http://au.playstation.com/news/gtaivprevie...tml?slide=5#ps3 Source: http://au.playstation.com/news/gtaivprevie...XZCFEWLXBC5GIV0 From what they and the rest of the people who have expierienced playing IV say, im getting pretty damn excited about IV. They its like a "interactive movie" which sounds pretty cool and im pretty jelous of all these poeple who already got to play...
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