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  1. Yes, thanks for the information Gerard! The Forum is called iPB.Source (Invision Power Board. Source). it's hosted by iPBFree. Just type that url in the address bar with .com after it. you'll see what it's hosted by. If you don't want me to ask for staff + members for it because it's 'iPBFree' then I'll buy an IPB License on IPS. I was thinking about making a 'GTA' Forum, but all us GTA players have this Forum to be apart of. I didn't want to copy the GTA Place Forums by having a GTA Forum also. So I named it iPB.Source. I will keep by the rules, and not advertise it without permission! regards, Kel
  2. Hello fellow members of the GTA Place Forums! I was wondering if any of you members are Interested in helping me with a Forum. If your Interested please PM me and I will give you the link to the Forum I need help with. Thanks! Regards, Kel
  3. OK. The Santa's Sleigh works, I just get an Un-handled Exception error when I load the game, I installed the UFO again and it gives me the error when I select my saved game, it gets over half-way then error's. How do I fix this? And why does the Santa's Sleigh sound like the Skimmer, and it does NOT Fly! It shows in the screen shot that it flys.
  4. Zone Alarm is NOT free! I downloaded it once and it asked me to buy it. I once had Spy bot - thats OK I guess. Avast. Don't know about it.
  5. I installed both mods with IMG Tool, and did what the instructions told me to do.
  6. OK Righty. If you need any Computer help - just contact me on MSN ([email protected]) or on here of-course.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with the 'Santa's Sleigh' and the UFO that replaces the Hunter. They are both at Prawn Island right? Anyway.. I go to Prawn Island and once I get over the bridge on Second Island it freezes, then gives me an Un-handled Exception error. Please help me sort this out.
  8. Mafia FTW!!! Doesn't the Mafia gang belong to Mr Leone? (Salvatore)
  9. OK, thanks for telling me. @ hunter88888, How do you get a Hooker btw?
  10. Morrus, use a PS2 (Play Station 2) controller.
  11. Righty, If your having problems booting your computer follow my simple steps \\.............................../// \\PC Booting Tips: /// \\.............................. /// Tips for Windows XP Step 1: Boot up your Computer with your Windows XP Installation CD before the Windows XP Logo boot screen appears press R (Repair) on the black screen that comes before the boot screen, repair your hard drive. If you cannot do that, install a NEW windows version (XP, Vista, XP PRO etc etc..) then once logged on, go to Start > My Computer > Local Disk © > open up System32 (System Folder) try locating the missing file that keeps giving an error (if it does). If it is there but corrupted go to Start > Run type in the search box 'chkdsk' (normally located in 'C:\WINDOWS\system32'). Run the Disk Check to find any corrupted files in your system, then repair them. I think thats it lol. (This tutorial is for the members who have system problems!)
  12. EDIT: oh ****, I thought you was on about Graphics drivers ! You could download Realtek Sound Manager. It is good, if you have a lil Sub woofer, and you want the bass better right click it and go to Manager click the dropdown menu at the main page, and click Bass.
  13. oo, I found it ^^ GTA Vice City Collision Editor
  14. Wow, nice video. How do you make video's ??
  15. What is that suppose to mean Connor?
  16. Can someone link me to this please?
  17. I guess that will teach you that using cheats - is not a good way to because more better at the game. I have completed Vice City 6 times now. 3 on my PlayStation 2, or 3 on my PC.
  18. Nice Screenies people! I'll get some later
  19. Hello and welcome Ross, to The GTA Place Forums! Please read the Forum Rules. On to your topic: There is this tool just download and open it, this Tool allows you to change the performance/stats of any vehicle in Vice City. I am not very sure, but I don't think it is possible to change the stats of a Bike so you don't fall off. Please try the mod in the link above first. Thanks, Kel. Was I helpful to you? If so, please give me a + Rep thanks.
  20. Could someone link me to the Gangs Mod, so I can get that on my IP.Board please? Thanks Ice
  21. Nice Video... but wasn't Fort Baxter like that before they made changes? Or did they make new changes..?
  22. HI Snowflake, welcome to The GTA Place! Please make sure you read the Forum Rules. If you need any help what so ever then dont hesitate to post in the Forum. -Kel
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