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  1. Again more good stunting video's Toxic! I love them. Keep them all coming dude!
  2. Welcome all new members. Remember to read the Forum Rules and be active.
  3. Happy birthday Don! I hope you have a good day dude.
  4. Of course we love you. I think Chris has more love though.
  5. Yeah. San Andreas is the best, the worst I think and has the most worst votes is LCS.
  6. Wow, nice work Switch! Happy Halloween everyone.
  7. Going into the Blast doors or in the ventilation. Where are all of the Army bases and depots locations?
  8. Not really. Just wanted to know why there was only me and Bronco on. True.
  9. Maybe. Or maybe It's the holidays. I'm sure everyone will come back.
  10. Wow, I came on at 1:55 (on TGTAP) and I only sore myself and Bronco92 on here. Where is everyone else?
  11. Wow. Strangely enough I tried it a 10 minutes ago, it didn't work.
  12. Avi: 9/10 Sig: 8/10 Person: 10/10 TM FTW!
  13. Avi: 5/10 Sig: 8/10 Person: 10/10, S-V is cool, funny and cool.
  14. Dolphins are programmed into the game. Not Sharks lol. False. Where is the BEST place/location on LV to beef with 6 cops?
  15. Have you tried Rebuilding the Archive in IMG Tool? Try that and post back.
  16. Wow How come that balla was falling continuously under the ground?
  17. I'm not sure if it is illegal actually. But my guess is they contacted R* for permission to do it. But I actually doubt it is illegal, after all...your editing the files to make the game better and fun.
  18. I'm very pleased your continuing with your project JAB! Keep up the good work.
  19. Very nice Claude. I have to see this mod in production dude!
  20. Yes, but cheating can fuck your game progress up. So use cheats are your own games risk.
  21. Yeah. At my school they have this web based filter called "Smart Web Filter Bess Edition". All sites like gaming sites etc are banned. Only maths science english PE, RE etc sites are allowed. Non education sites are all restricted.
  22. Same. I think Chris messed his coding up again. He'll fix it when he comes on I think.
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