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  1. Actually there is one,at the San Fierro pier. On his bed there are 2 magazines. Where can you find a Maverick? SF Airport near the cargo hangers. What's the name of the city near Kate?
  2. Omg, R* best release GTA IV soon. I can't keep waiting for delays.
  3. If you can ( If it is possible) upload your save game and ask someone to do it for you. If it is possible I am sure someone will do it.
  4. Finally I now have PS CS2 again.
  5. ^ is correct. (I went to the bathroom. ) < is COOL v is also cool.
  6. Below, I have linked to my post I did, saying (edited) I completed the mission for amislove007. You may also use the file provided with the megaupload link. That was the only file upload host I thought of at the time as the attachment feature did not allow me to upload the file, because it exceeded the maximum file memory allowed for uploads. -Ice http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...&st=0 (I completed the mission for you.)
  7. Wow, nice updates Chris. Can't wait to see the new changes.
  8. I'll do it for you. I've just installed Vice City again. (I had to find my DVD disc) I will edit this post with the game file. EDIT: Here you go, I done it for you. Enjoy. Damn, I can't upload. MegaUpload link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CS2NWYNI
  9. Arg, why do they keep delaying GTA IV? I bet next they will make it next year or something...damn you Rockstar, damn you!
  10. WOW, nice work Huck! I must reinstall SA and try this.
  11. amislove007, buy a PS2 to PC socket, and use a PS2 controller. It'd be much easier.
  12. Esperanto, Tahoma, Feltzer, Stallion, Remington. Name 2 casinos in LV, 2 eating places in LS, and one property in SF.
  13. Monster Highjack, Interdiction, Verdant Meadows, N.O.E, Stowaway Name 3 gang territories.
  14. 1,000 POSTS!!! I can't believe I have now ONE THOUSAND posts!
  15. THe NEXT GTA game should be based someone in UK. Liberty City is getting shit now.
  16. San Andreas doesn't suck as much as LC. I hope the NEXT GTA game is based in UK, not in Liberty Shitty.
  17. Hello almighty Chris. =P

  18. I don't play Liberty City anymore. I am waiting for GTA IV. VCS, GTA III, and LCS sucks.
  19. I didn't think you can get in Helicopters in Liberty City?
  20. I think myths are starting again Deji.
  21. Put all the tracks you want into the My Documents > GTA SA User Files folder then in the User Tracks folder, start up SA and listen. Or did you already try that?
  22. Wow, and your at London and you've been on for a while on the plane? I thought all electronics must be off on the Plane in case of interference with the plane controls?
  23. Wow, I can't believe the news with GTA IV PC Hands-On. And the graphics of GTA IV, It's like...OMG they are awesome! I'm not really interested in GTA III, Vice City, or San Andreas. I am just waiting for GTA IV to come out to the PC, hopefully when it comes out, I am getting GTA IV (PC) for Christmas, or my Birthday! (2nd of Feb - 2/2/1993) Although getting to the second island on GTA IV will be quite difficult but will be challenging, therefore it should be solid to complete on the PC version. I have had a roam around on the Xbox 360 on GTA IV, and it was good. I killed a few police, smashed into a police cruiser and made it go flying off a bridge into the water. Now I think over 1 million, maybe a billion GTA players are waiting for GTA IV for the PC. I am waiting too!
  24. Wow, this is a tricky one. I don't know what it is/can be used for, as I don't really play Vice City anymore. Nor do I play San Andreas, I am waiting for GTA IV.
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