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  1. Hey man if someone sees it tell me why my post count doesn't count more than 20?

  2. OMG how do him get banned?

  3. Bitchman9999

    Google Earth

    OMG lol is a city lol. Man sh*t is a city in Mazandaran Irán.
  4. Bitchman9999

    Post your desktop

    OK here's mine I don't organizate my icons
  5. Bitchman9999

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    The last movie i watched was The Simpsons.
  6. As i see you'll be those ones that are good posters. Good work!

  7. Hey i've answered your only topic and post so better check more forums.

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    Sorry you have too confusing english to understand fully your question but i'll see if i can help. That means that your VC version is IMCOMPATIBLE WITH MTA. so here are some solutions: 1. Download MTA 0.5 it's better! Download from here 2. Download VC-MP from their homepage 3. If you have patched VC to version 1.1. go to the options bar and choose "VC version: 1.0" change it to "1.1" Why it won't work 1. You're using an unsupported version, only American VC executables work with MTA. 2. You modded MTA 3. You have a crappy internet connection Hope this helps u!
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    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    More things found... Beta Sweet This pic in Johnson house shows the original design of Sweet. Reverse letters This CJ pic shows reverse letters in the bottom Candy Suxxx VC pic Let's hope that the hosters don't delete this image... In SA: Where do i find it? In da safe house... In VC: EDIT: i dont wanna post again, so here are my recent findings (pics taken with a trainer) Open Grave An open grave with anything inside. Just a pizza, also i've readed that this grave started the rumor of zombies around SA. This is in Los santos graveyard Ghost tags Using a timesync tool've i find those weird tags in Los santos graveyard when i was in my way to take a pic of the open grave Tag 1: At night: At day: Tag 2: At night: At day: There's more tags but i didn't taked a pic. maybe later... Bigger Moon glitch This glitch has followed the GTA series since GTA III. To make the moon grow, shoot to it with a sniper rifle... And like i sayed, That's all folks!
  10. Bitchman9999

    Leatherface founded in VC!

  11. Bitchman9999

    I need help with vcm packager

    As i see nobody's gonna reply. NEVER. So I suggest that anybody who sees this and it can close threads, PLEASE CLOSE THIS!
  12. Bitchman9999

    I need help with vcm packager

    Hey can someone help me? I've been searching in the internet a manual or something to learn how to do general mods in VCM packager. Does someone knows? I'll ve glad if someone helps. Remember that I'm form Chile so I can't speak English very well.
  13. THE_REAL_MADMAN's now Bartman for u

  14. Bitchman9999

    Whats Your GTAVC Criminal Rating

    As far as i know, that kind of rating is obtained when you type cheats. Have u cheated like spawning cars? Maybe that's the reason of your rating
  15. Bitchman9999

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    Some interesting things i've found. Cock challenge This can be found in Ganton gym. Las Venturas magazine This is in the bed in Johnson house. Also the pics in the magazine shows the hud and the radar. Maybe i'm the first to notice this! CJ's mom? not sure A pic of sweeet's plate It says GROVE4L (grove for life) A pic of Ryder's plate It says SHERM, not sure what it means.
  16. Bitchman9999

    Tommi Vercetti or Claude?Why?

    Tommy cos: 1.he has a big arson o weapons. 2 he can talk, so we can know more about his personality 3.he has a mansion an control of the city 4.he has a lot o gangs with him, only the haitians want to kill him. 5. He has more clothes. I disliked Claude cos: 1. He has a lot of gangs trying to kill him. 2 He can't talk, i think he's MUTE 3. He always using the same clothes. 4. Less but powerful weapons. 5.At he end of the game he has nothing more than himself: no power of the city, only money.
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    u posted this in the WRONG section. this goes on the VCS forum.
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    GTA VICE SA mod

    Well, u fixed it but i liked it! good mod, and that CJ model looks like the one that modeling man created.
  19. Bitchman9999

    GTA VICE SA mod

    That download link is a link to post new topic. please fix it
  20. Bitchman9999

    Add new cars/Replace cars

    read this topic to find out how.
  21. Bitchman9999

    Whats Your Criminal Rating

    Last time i played i think it was boss (7124 points aprox.)
  22. Bitchman9999

    model install

    u have 2 options: 1. Delete the old file and add the new one. 2. Rename the old file and add the new one.
  23. Bitchman9999

    Fun Island mission

    First, install the fun island without the mission thread. After that, install the mission thread to play the missions correctly.
  24. Bitchman9999

    Vice city knowledge game

    c. Minigun Who voices Tommy Vercetti? a.Danny Mostrogiorgio b.Ray Liotta c.David Paymer
  25. Bitchman9999

    Whats Your GTAVC Criminal Rating

    Well , mine is Butcher