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  1. I am in canada! Hahaha What the guy above me said.
  2. Woah, that I didn't realize...didn't seem that far down the page...
  3. What the devil... The time stays the same, the P90 ammunition doesn't budge and the rocket launcher shoots 3 rockets... Weird.
  4. I liked that mission, mmmm chaingun. Your right though, it gets annoying.
  5. I forgot to show my tipmann 98 with a linear barrel and laser sight. Kick ass in the field (paintball)
  6. Taxi beats everything! It can jump! EDIT: After that would be the FBI washington.
  7. Wow, that was crazy. Flying taxi with jet engins. Nice mod.
  8. Favourite car has to be the bullet moded with nitrous, 10x. Next to that would be the spitfire look alike. Strafing is so much fun.
  9. You can't. You can get the cop uniform where they don't shoot at you. You find it at the police station where you broke the safe cracker out of jail. Go to the locker room and you find it there.
  10. That gun cost me just over 400$. It is my baby even if its just an air rifle.
  11. Smoke- I'll have 2 number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip...ect"
  12. A KFC big snacker combo. EDIT: Before that was GTA San andreas.
  13. I just discovered a new favourite. The lock on rocket launcher. Great for taking out drive by shooters before they even get to you! Its also funny watching a ambulance fly over 20 feet in the air.
  14. I love listening to radio x. Great songs that meet my lifestyle. WCTR is great once the news comes.
  15. I say yes. There are female cops in real life so it would add to the realism (as many have said).
  16. deathfun


    I was just wondering who has starcraft here. If you do, what channel do you hang around, what part of bnet and of course, your profile name.
  17. I was signing up for battle.net on starcraft. I figured, deathisfun but the ring was bad and at the time, didn't fit. So I changed it to this, and it become universal.
  18. Hello there mates. New here and wish I discovered this sooner. I am not new to forums so I know the rules. I hope this is a start of a good relationship.
  19. He could sprint faster then a car, and almost after you shot one and it drives away He gives orders more then takes His complete attitude Witty remarks (I just wanted to piss you off before I kill you)
  20. The song from the strip club. It was playing on the radio and it was all I could think of. Its actually not a bad song. There's other songs but I can't grasp the names...
  21. I wasn't dissapointed at all mostly because it was the very first GTA game I have played. Even though there were not as many missions as SA, it was still a great game.
  22. Didn't take me long. I hated the level where you had to pick up the 2 english people. Boring and my car keeps blowing up (bloody mountains). And the key to her heart, that was boring like the person above me stated.
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