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  1. Are womens rights fair? I'd like to think people have progressed in the last few years and from my view, women seem to have fair rights. But I was wondering what anyone else thought. Btw, my sig aint offending anyone right?
  2. Umm sorry for triple post here... Well progress has been made. I've fix a hell of alotta bugs and also reduced some extra lag that it was causing... Just about to fix the bug where the cops spawn in front of you. Unfortunately, the big bug of cops not properly following you into cars is still there. They get in, wait a sec, then get out. Which is annoying. It has something to do with the fact they're cops but after changing pedtypes they still do it... Idk what else to do, but I'll try and get it fixed or find a workaround.
  3. Good ol Claude. Wait, if he got shot... Why is he in GTA 2 and 3?
  4. For me it's more like... 1. San Andreas. 2. San Andreas 3. Liberty City Stories. 4. GTA III 5. Vice City Stories. 6. Vice City Didn't really like the whole 80s theme. 90s-00s were more me No time like the present San Andreas will never die. And if it looses that little bit of interest, there is always a quick mod or some unfound thing in San Andreas that will get you hyped up again. I still find things I've never seen before. Still find game references that amaze me... San Andreas IS the best game in existance. And probably the best game to ever exist.
  5. MS Config shows your boot.ini file and from there you can simply tick the safemode box. System Restore is actually quite good for viruses that run from your registry... It doesn't image the drive as far as I know... Just puts you back to an old image. I got the virus again because there were downloader processess still running in the background which downloaded 6 more viruses after I got rid of the first 2 xO Which is very risky since viruses can be remotely controlled... Should be better now. I quarentined the troublesome files and hopefully... My rundll didn't get infected which is what I started to think at the time when I had two of them running without stopping... But I replaced it with a backup anyway so everything should be fine if the backup is trustworthy
  6. I'll be making another one some time with more spots.
  7. Well I already fixed it. Lol. Used msconfig to boot into safe mode which was no help whatsoever and did a system restore. Which was also a waste of time. Then I simply got Security Task Manager and quarantined the files. So now they should never start again Explorer is working properly now too!
  8. Lol... They said San Andreas wouldn't run on anything lower than 512MB too. And that it needs a videocard installed. But my friend manages to play it with 256MB RAM, a crappy processor and an on-board 'Sis' videocard or w/e it's called xD
  9. Yea, just fixed it Thanks to Security Task Manager. Not restarted PC yet so it could return. But I know now that it was definately Vundo xO Great, and it made me uninstall so much crap too Well, I guess I should thank it then I'm thinking of buying Security Task Manager and I'd recommend it to others too! Adios!
  10. I heard about this Vundo thing in alot of topics about my situation. But the only ways I found to fix it require the use of the control panel which I cannot acess without explorer being on So... I'm screwed?
  11. I don't really get worried about viruses nowadays... But this one seems special I believe it to be a virus, anyway... My explorer.exe keeps closing down after 2 mins of it being open. I'm using Task Manager to access my applications and stuff, but this virus is annoying cause I need to set up my Call of Duty and need to look inside my disk in the drive I'm currently scanning with AVG and found and deleted a virus but my explorer is still closing... So, any ideas? I cant find any processes that I don't know so this virus is keeping itself well hidden... All I can find are a few web pages saying I should access 'Administrative Tools' but that is stupid because explorer crashes with not enough time for me to get there! xO I congratulate how effective this virus is though. Must've took the creator a nice bit of coding time Well done... Jerk!
  12. Deji

    New Idea

    Well Rockstar base their games on a set time and theme. So if it was in a mobtown in the mafia times, you'd be a Mafia character... CJ lives in the 90's and his home is in the ghetto so he fits in with the theme of the game. If you were to make some chinese guy instead of him, then the game would just not make sense... Plus, the voice would be all wrong...
  13. 1. GTA San Andreas (PC) 2. Maybe Call of Duty 4 if I can get it to work (PC) 3. Scarface (PS2) 4. God of War II (PS2) 5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD:II)
  14. Yea, some people start smoking, then spend the rest of their life trying to quit... I'll not be smoking. I've been offered by some kids though which was weird... They're smoking at 12!? Stupid...
  15. I'll be listenin to music hopefully
  16. I could make a GTA mod that teaches you? Just do it with a posotive mind and just make fun out of it That's the way I do it.
  17. How is it? The Playstation is a "Kid friendly system" too isn't it? As would be the Wii. But they all have violent games... I don't really see why people object so much to a mod being made for their kids to play. I got to play GTA at 7 uncensored... Even if it was 2D So it's the parents choice whether they let their kids play the game. I wouldn't go out and make this mod, but if someone asked me for some help for a bit of code for it (As a few have) - I wouldn't deny giving them some help with it...
  18. Wow, I pointed out the flaw in that post, and then you quote it for emphasis? Five dollars a week.... And cancer is preventable, even by smokers. So where's your argument now? The best prevention is to not smoke at all. It's wasted money to be honest... But, so is buying new games for the wii/360/ps3.
  19. Yea... Kinda sneaky if you ask me Maybe these "Shipment Problems" were planned
  20. I probably won't be celebrating halloween... Perhaps the best fun I could have was setting up my hose as the kids walk down the street with their candy collection bags ... But there's nothing really special about Halloween. I barely even remember why we celebrate it! Guess it is fun to get free niceties... But my birthday will be soon so who cares about the kids?
  21. I was controlling it the whole time I replaced the Police Maverick for the light that I wanted and used a low gravity thing to get myself to start floating up. The UFO going up at the same time was just a lil camera trick and luck with the gravity Quite a random thought at the moment. I had a choice between an actual king from long ago, Rick Astley or Vanillla Ice Yea, the next one should be starting a bit less seriously... The first scene was mainly added for storyline purposes and so I could see how good I could make an abduction look What made you think it'd be slow? The only videos I take when it is slow are of mods I've made and they're usually because I have MEd, Sanny Builder, Firefox and FRAPS open... Plus on my previous ones I had recorded at the wrong framerate xO But nah, my computer was fine with it I recorded at the proper 25 FPS and rendered at 24 FPS... This wasn't that difficult to make really. In fact I think installing the mods for it and then uninstalling them when I finished to record the next thing I was workin on is more difficult Just make a lil story, record some shots, record voice clips and start editing
  22. Did I? It wasn't meant to be serious in the first place. Maybe I should've started it off in a funnier way or something... Thanks for the comment though, helps for future productions How did you find it 'Ruined'? (Just so I can improve) The second part is gunna be based on how the aliens fit in on earth... Badly The jokes there should be better and pretty relative to GTA too
  23. My crappy 512MB PC is fine! Suck on that (Note to anyone who may take offense: It's a joke)
  24. I always hated linux... Sure it may be faster but it's not as user friendly as XP in my oppinion. In fact, it's one of the hardest operating systems that I've ever tried to do something with. On the forums they speak to you as if you were stupid for not knowing the answers as well... Linux is good, but requires too much fiddling in my oppinion.
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