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  1. This needs a pinned topic to prevent so many people asking
  2. Well if they're the pinned topics, I've already read them. I'm still crap xP Don't expect me to know what tutorial you mean just by saying "DC's"... Because I have no clue who he is. I googled it
  3. I'd use CLEO to pull this off... But I'm guessing you're another modeller, right? You'll have to learn some things and know the basics of creating CLEO scripts. Then ask the game if the player is in an aircraft vehicle and in result, attach the right particles to the plane with the right offset. But, it'll look a bit weird, dont you agree?
  4. Try looking at DC's Tutorial, Fugitive's Tutorial, and ofcourse join www.gtastunting.net/forums if you are keen....you'll have much more to learn Deji Links please I spent hours watching Fugitives vids on stunting and I didn't learn a thing xD I gotz stuntlexia.
  5. Yeah, if Iraq was soooo dangerous. How come they took it over in like 4 weeks? xD So what if they had weapons of mas destruction? America do too. America might not trust Iraq with them but I cant say I completely trust ANYONE with them. Why create something you're not gonna use? Unless you have the intention to use it.
  6. Being mixed race, I really wanted Obama to win. And I'm glad that most Americans were not biased enough to vote for him. Aparently most of the people who didn't vote for him were racist, but dunno where that information has come from. Obama seems like a great leader. He isn't talking crap most of the time and may probably get down to some actual changes instead of talking about them to make everyone feel like the country is improving... The only bad thing is he's a politician Kinda interrupts my "Hate all politicians" thing... Hopefully he will stop the war in Iraq. Why the hell is America invading anyway!?
  7. No fair, I've been practisin for months and I'm crap
  8. Stop trying to get attention, it's getting pretty annoying. Eh? What the hell are you talkin about?
  9. Well at the moment they surrender if you are close to them and are aiming. Which is pretty much the same thing. UPDATES: Well I have a bit of news about System Requirements and have added it on the first post in red. But I'm guessing nearly everyone can run San Andreas on the lowest res and colour mode and it would run fine with full Draw Distance... So it won't matter that much. I've finished quite alot today. So far it aint working 100% and crashes alot but it's pretty fun while it lasts I'm thinking of adding 3 different types of chases. The first (Which I've nearly finished) is one where the suspect has "Commited armed Grand Theft Auto" and is escaping. Suspect is armed and may shoot at you. The second would be an armed robbery where they are getting away in a car or something. There will be other suspects in the passenger seats drive-bying. And the third could be an on-foot suspect who's commited murder and runs away from you. I'll add something where the suspects won't drive away from you unless you are in a marked police vehicle or they get suspicious or something. Still not sure on adding missions... It requires alot of work
  10. That sounds like a plan. Is the ghost town mod available for Vice City or just San Andreas? What about the other cars driving around town? Will the cops be gone too? It wouldn't stop peds spawning in the odd car and cops spawning meaning that if you were really unlucky, a ped would crash into a cop car causing the cop to get out and start shooting... BUT if there is some sort of cheat that disables cops or makes only certain peds spawn, then nothing would spawn. But IDK, I dont have Vice City... Do you know if Vice City supports CLEO? And if the coding is similar? Cause if it was I MAY be able to work something out, but idk... My oppinion: Get San Andreas! It's easier to filter and there's more roads to explore
  11. Well I guess kids get payed less... So that should change too? Women should be payed well since they are important to the human race Oh crap, I just said that in a Womens Rights topic
  12. Hmm 1 day before election? Sure she died of natural causes?
  13. Exciting update (For me): I fixed the pop tires thing! Hoo-Rahh!
  14. There was a show in the UK about women taking on mens jobs. Neva got to watch it, never watch tv. I guess that it wasn't so easy for them. I guess when it comes to working, it is up to things that some women cant have as much as men. Did you know the strongest woman in the world can be beaten at an arm wrestle by an average skater?
  15. I'm pretty sure it only leaves traces sometimes. And even then, the virus couldn't be accessed.
  16. No, that's before you empty them from your recycle bin. If files couldn't be deleted this way then my hard drive woulda exploded ages ago xO
  17. Amen to that. I got it again and had to forcefully break my winlogon.exe and explorer.exe which caused a nasty crash/restart just so I could delete the dll file in time before my PC restarted... Then run in safe mode and remove it from my recycle bin... I think maybe it's better now... AVG isn't popping up with warning after warning that I have 6 more troublesome Temporary File folders...
  18. I went back to San Andreas after about 4 days Kinda cool coz I didn't wanna say goodbye to San Andreas
  19. Deji

    New Idea

    Saints Row looks fun. Dunno what all the fuss is about. Looks like a FUN game that you play for a laugh... Something the gaming world needs more of
  20. Yeah, they have the right to loose their lives for a stupid reason now! I gotta say though, women may have less rights in some ways.. But if you hit a guy you'll get in less trouble then if you hit a girl. Also, women have less to pay for insurance and lot's of stuff like that. Another thing, if a women claims rape, she is more likely to be believed then if a man did Even though they still are too soft on rapists Guess what ^^^ - Golf stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.
  21. I went to the beach and partaaayed. Fuckin hated it. It was cold and there was no music
  22. Liberty is another word for Freedom. So the Statue of Libert is the Statue of Freedom. And I guess... Freedom = Happiness?
  23. Contrary to my sig... I think women have some good rights. LOL! Yeah and they get more money in prostitution too. Guess my sig is pretty damn accurate. Sex has more rights then women... Strange.
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