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  1. I don't think it's anything to do with hardware or software. Net framework is irrelivant. You should have the latest DirectX then on the install screen, click install directx as this installs extra files needed to run san andreas. Try these... 1: Open task manager, click on the processes tab and double click the gta_sa.exe FILE (not shortcut). Does the process begin and then end? 1a: If the process does not start, you may have a problem on your computer... 1b: If the process starts and closes after time locate GTASA User Files and delete gta.set, now try again... 1c: If the process starts and hangs try using gta backup tool or reinstalling SA...
  2. I'd post mine, but they're... Mine! Muhahaaa!
  3. GTASA Console/Control Center is best
  4. That is for Windows. I am asking about GTA SA. I need a CLEO Script. That's what I'm talking about too... Hai!
  5. Deji

    Female Cops!

    Yeah, but if it were female cops... I'd give in...
  6. I just like to post random stuff on Forums. No real interest in visiting GTA sites. Everything that I need, I know already. I used to visit the main sites alot during the first 2 years of playing San ANdreas though. But eventually I knew all the cheats, secrets ect. And there's really nothing else to visit the site for... Maybe you could start some contests!? But that could be done on the forum anyway...
  7. That'd be nice... I'll see what I can do...
  8. Actually, I kinda changed my mind on this one. I'm instead working on a Tekken style minigame I thought up a really cool idea for a game like that a while ago and am eager to make it
  9. It requires Direct Memory Access (I have no clue what I'm talking about). Basically you type a few things and it should enable a new cheat. There's something on GTAForums about this...
  10. Nice work. By the way, how do I make an actual loading screen for my flash game... You know, one that actually preloads things to stop it from being slow later on? I'm working on a lil escape game
  11. Updated the mod, it now has the fxt file that I forgot in Also, there are screenshots in the zip file if you need them
  12. Umm... You only need 4GB of HD space for a normal gta install. And it's only 3GB if you don't install audio data. Btw. Next time you update the post (asap), try and remove the torrenting lines before the topic is locked
  13. Ever since I found out I had 256mb extra ram that wasn't properly plugged in and got a faster computer. I noticed that san andreas is acting slow. When the loading gets to the middle and onto the second splash screen, the game will go into slow-mo and the sound will go slow. Then it becomes normal and doesn't do it again until it hits the very end of the loading. This could be something to do with something it's tryna load for all I know... Because it does it exactly the same every time I play. The same time to load, the same time to slow down and at the same points of loading. I know that it has nearly nothing to do with my PC, because higher quality games run fine! It has nothing to do with the ram because if I take it out, the game is still slow. I can run Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 on full quality for 3 hours before it starts to slow down, which is suprising since it used to run like crap before the extra 256 ram... Also, Sony Vegas seems to slow down... But I think that's only when it tries to play any clips recorded of GTASA which has about 5fps because sanan runs so badly while fraps records. Yet all the rest of the time San Andreas actually runs pretty well. It only slows down sometimes when I'm driving/flying fast, I exit or enter buildings (fade problem perhaps?) or the game loads. So I realy wanna find out how to fix this. I use nVidia and have edited the settings of SA via the nVidia settings and the game settings. Maybe there's something not right with the nvidia settings? If so, anyone know what I have to change? There could be a problem with files in San Andreas but I've reinstalled since and tested without mods. The other annoying thing is that San Andreas don't slow my PC at all. In fact, my PC is runnin full speed. Maybe San Andreas isn't using enough resources from my pc? My PC goes way over San Andreas' reccommended requirements too... Oh yeah, and the game slows down when the menu first appears and I move the mouse. It goes slowmo with the sound again as the cursor goes over the options... Oh and another very important thing... When running the dxdiag tests, I find that when I get to the 3D tests... They act very slow some times and act normally others... The first text draw test works fine, the second slows a little when it is just about to hit the bottom edge and the 3d tests are all pretty slow (which is better than before, it used to make the cube go round extremely fast). Any ideas? I really can't get it. My PC hasn't changed much except it was looked at (by me) and I removed the things that weren't being used and that were just slowing down the pc. Besides from that and the extra 256mb ram... Everythings the way it was. Off the top of my head, PC hardware: 1.20 ghz amd athlon, 768mb ram, nvidia gfx 8000 or something... Help me!! The only game I worship is the only game that's broke... And it doesn't make sense!
  14. This mod allows you to place furniture in your savehouse or abandoned buildings xP. Using the very advanced in-game placer you can move, rotate and edit the height of your object. You are able to buy them first from 24-7 and then place them in certain interiors. You can even delete ones you've previously placed! FEATURES: x = Comin soon. - = Already included. - Buy furniture and place in your home. - The amount of objects placable is infinite. (Although game may take pressure if 400+ are placed ) - Move, rotate and change the height of your objects for a perfect fit. - Advanced Text Draw displays easy on-screen instructions for a nice experience. - Rotating objects in 24-7 so you can see exactly what you are buying. - Pricing was custom-set by me in a manor that will make earning cash in GTA a bit trickier - Messages displayed when you do not have enough money. - Messages attempt to suit GTA's common charm - Placed objects will be remembered by the game permenantly. - You are able to delete all (dynamic) objects in interiors. (Be careful not to delete objects you did not create! They may not be replacable.) - Place your object by simply walking around. Object is visible (and lit up) during placement. - Pick up your object even after you have placed it. - The 'Item No.' displays the objects model. Very useful for modders. x More interiors will be selected so you can place objects in more areas. x More objects will be added including plants, model guns and gun displays. x Improved movement of objects. x Changable views to allow you to get different angles on your item. x An optional addition of placing your object in a different way. (Extra Note: I am thinking of making a mod that enables you to do actions on all sorts of objects depending on their model. Which means you can do alot of stuff with your objects. This however, will be a seperate mod but will be included with the Furniture mod and of course, the CLEO Trainer.) BUGS: - Rotation of the objects is centered around a corner axis of some objects meaning they dont rotate on the spot. It's as if they were on the side of a rotating platform instead of in the middle. There's probably a way to solve this. Modders? Any tips? - That's it! There aren't really any bugs so far. This game is very unlikely to crash or mess up. Still, it is highly reccommended you save on a new slot. Objects are saved with the game and I'm still unsure of the long term effects! Notes: I'd just like to say that it took 2 whole days (inc. nights) to make this Which aint long considering how well it turned out but I think I may be taking a little break. Especially since it's christmas at the time of writing. Also, sorry I've been away for a while. Internet has been off thanks to our good friends, TalkTalk. Although if it wasn't for that then I may not have created this... Full info in the readme inc screenshots! ---===DOWNLOAD===--- FurnMod.zip
  15. Aint it pretty much illegal to distribute an exe made using the gta game engine?
  16. Not yet... I hope to add some more to the script once the missions are done. Also, his name is Officer Ronson ... He's pretty baddass tho, did you read the big quoted text above yet?
  17. Again, really sorry for the bump of months. But again, I've been gone for ages and I think it's better than making a topic that is exactly the same as this one. Hopefully you can agree and forgive The mod is still active (unlike what gtaforums ppl say ) and there's gonna be a huge update for when I get back (fully). For now I've pretyped this at my forum... Although I'll be quite inactive the library round the corner of meh house is opened now so keep posting suggestions and bug reports! I may not answer immediately but I should be able to get alot more active now then I have been previously.
  18. I dunno if you're ever gonna forgive me for doing this but I figured that I either bump this topic or end up creating a new one exactly the same... Which seems worse in my oppinion so please try to forgive me as I have been without internet for a while now. Right now I'm at a friends house with a flash drive so I can finally up the mod!! The new one features plenty of bug fixes and thousands of new features! Since I've been working on it for 4 months or so, it's gettin along really well! Yes, 0.6 BETA is out and it features cutscene viewing, mp3 player and much more! (There's more info on the downloads readme). v0.6 BETA - 100% Complete... Screens... In the readme. Info... In the readme. Readme... In the zip file Can't be bothered to post alot at the moment and I'm a bit busy catching up with my 156 email @Notyouhaha: Strange, I've never noticed a bug with the menu's. The Select Interior No. bugs were fixed though and Car Settings shouldn't have ever closed. Try updating. It should work well Forgive the bump please?
  19. UPDATE: A little fix thanks to Zaz You should now be able to play the single player missions with less bugs, glitches ect. You won't see any difference, but now the whole Trainer runs smoother The link has been auto-updated to prevent downloads of the older (bad) version
  20. No need for this thread anymore? There's a site that tells you accurately (or not so as according to it I can't run cod when in reality, i can) + the minimum specs have already been posted.
  21. FIXED! All I had to do was delete gta.set WHICH IS FKN ANNOYING! I deleted windows blinds, put all my themes back to normal and changed loads of recent settings
  22. Dunno what's so good about this Lost and Damned thing... :\
  23. GTA San Andreas won't start up after I click the .exe - Everything has worked until yesterday. I'm wondering if my new windows XP themes and 'Windows Blinds' has anything to do with it as all my programs are going weird ever since I got it. Also, if this can be related... It may be the fact that I typed Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks in my run box and started up Rundll32 FOREVER and then accidently restarted my computer due to a just installed program which I clicked 'Ok' on meaning that I fckd something up there... Which wasn't exactly what I was trying to achieve... I was just trying to fix some bugs I had in my system at the time and speed it up ^.^ Any ideas? I really need GTASA I've used GTASA Recover to get my dll's and exe back and american.gxt is working fine... So it's nothing to do with them and the fact that the game won't even start up means that it's nothing to do with any other files (mods) Plus, I haven't installed any recently. If I figure out how to fix this then maybe that means I could fix Sony Vegas, GTASA Console and all the other programs that're randomly crashing...
  24. Why don't you just download SanAndreas-Recover from here? Insert your San Andreas CD, set the locations, select what you want and click 'Recover' to get the original files. Just like installing but takes 30x less hassle. I didn't even know I had it on my PC until last week
  25. Which CLEO stuff? Does the trainer work?
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