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  1. i love to play spam messages (not in msn, just joking) im the most annoying member
  2. ^your mama <rapes me v yesterday EDIT: dont blame me because its just a word association
  3. avatar - ??? signature - 10/10 i like the flames person - 8.6/10 good member i dont know why moderator at here rate me very low
  4. avatar - rated signature - rated person - rated i dont know why TM hates me
  5. i think your mod is CURRENTLY not installed properly when i test my mod, i didnt get any errors...i WANTED to know why it froze
  6. i like both Toni > super killer Claude > super mute killer
  7. you bumped a dead topic mine is boss currently
  8. keep your work on, beat the world forward record anyhow when i hit level 566 my game crashed...why?
  9. Off topic: what is your email address? On topic: myspace sucks because the internet speed connect me to there is damn slow even i had 5MBps
  10. my friend had an error on this when he start the pc can you all help my friend out of this please?
  11. slightly different that XP i more like XP...just tell what to do guys
  12. i use friendster...since thats the best site to have outskirt friends
  13. we are not gays or lesbians we all are 100% straight
  14. yeah no staffs! u can do what u can
  15. VC rocks my arse LC is also rocks my arse but i voted for VC
  16. very weird...i think that the ad may comes true because i hope that R* will release the feature
  17. i hope Batista get his champion back
  18. for god sakes, i always forget to bring my USB pendrive...also my mama who dont give me playing games on weekdays
  19. with his dog sorry ya Hazer!
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