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  1. banned because i dont dance with wolves, them pooches are soft to tame
  2. fact that all was removed, what is still less? my friend is not now in trouble! i need help from professional programmers (or person who is pro in computering)
  3. banned for being new at here since 26th Jan 08
  4. kissed a pondan (not a girl tough a man)
  5. stop pissing me off i made level 322 on a FBI cruiser and after that my game is frozen
  6. banned for using 4 userbars BELOW:
  7. Avatar : 0/10 nothing special Sig : 2/10 nothing special Person : 8/10 PSYCHOTIC MEMBER!!!
  8. SWIMMING MOD RELEASE IN THIS BETA VERSION there is still some mods i still need to make, the BUSTED means that the mod is not release yet Swimming mod : RELEASED Taxi Service : BUSTED Hardened missions : RELEASED More Cars on road : UNDER CONSTRUCTION More Parked Cars : RELEASED Rude Words (Not in cutscenes) in Game : BUSTED 999999 ammo Weapons : RELEASED Realistic Cars : BUSTED download link:RVC BETA
  9. well i had modded all cars and weapons but why i dont get "Unhandled Exception" error message? now im very sure that YOU didnt installed the mods properly (cars only) well i need prove, can gimme da link?
  10. duh! if you cant find the car where Original GTA Master posted the image, go rounding the island and come back to the house later
  11. banned for dont telling the reason that ban the person on top of you
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