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  1. Click here to view the SnapMap wait, sometimes there a helitour mavericks where it is
  2. Hey steam За дечката еввровизија, ние требавме да добеме во 2003, 2007 и 2008. Пичкаму матер луѓе што му беше това срање на хрварска 2003.......... хаха не, се смејам тоа беше добро а во 2007? Што му е тоа срање пичка му матер да му се мочам во чадоро. Тогаш требаше македонија или србија да пебеде А, 2008? Георгија? леле.... да ги ебам сите мочки таму Му га виде песната на Грција во 2007? ЛЕЛЕ....се смеев много и ќе се посерев. И га виде дебелата бишка за бугарија 2008, хаххаахха
  3. The Loan Sharks (I think) What weapon was used to burn down Romans Apartment?
  4. Booth tunnel. Where can you find a secret Sultan RS?
  5. I asked them nicely once, like, last year and I never got a reply
  6. For ps3 so you can play music from the HDD? I sent them an email ages ago, and this was the reply:
  7. Well, I'm not a US resident so I can't take the survey
  8. Today I went to take stitches off my face, and I have a lil line of a scar which will fade by a year And I went to get a haircut, so I say, trimm it, and as usual, they And, now, I'm waiting for the Saints Row 2 DLC to appear on PS store and as usual
  9. Can I ask why is post count turned off in the General Discussions? In every other forum, it does add to your posts. So why not here? Will it be like that forever?
  10. I just found out, according to Orthodox, Jesus was married to a girl called Mary, same name as his mother, and he had 2 kids
  11. - Toothpaste doesn't work. - Vaseline doesn't work - Rakija doesn't work - Wisky doesn't work - Taking it to Video Ezy, for them to fix it, still doesn't work Any other ways? They don't sell GTA SA on PS2 anymore, I've looked at every shop.
  12. I wish there was snow in Australia Damn Nation!
  13. really? Wow, i'll probably get one anyway lol
  14. Bahh I hate my nose Had a mole removed, Stitches come out Thursday: Hope there's not a big scar
  15. Што стана со овој тред? Сега никој не пише
  16. There aren't any in Adelaide and Hobart I hang around with aussies, all nationalities, but im just saying, when it comes to macedonian parties and shit, i have no one and yeh Your know for a fact that there is not one single Macedonian person in both Adelaide and Hobart? Is there like a convention where you all sign a registry and no one says they reside in those two cities? When you go to these Macedonian parties, try making new friends, then you will have people to hang out with. lol dude, they all act gangsta and shit, that aint my scene they all fight and shit I wanna go to Macedonia where the real macedonians are, they are normal there
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