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  1. lol, I'll wait untill she tells people about it, then ill put it on youtube
  2. Ok, the mic hole/line in hole has NEVER worked, and it's annoying having to use my old computer with XP to record something everytime. Anyone know how to fix it? If i plug something in, it doesn't come up in "recording devices" Do i need to install the driver or something
  3. Isnt Firefox and Mozilla the same thing?
  4. lol do you want me to upload the file of her singing somewhere, so you guys can hear it
  5. OMG YEEEEEEEAHHHHHH i hacked it, and deleted it. And also, found a file of HER singing AHHAHAHA Q: Favourite Pet's name? A: Kitty LOL, I asked her today if she has any pets, and she said, yeh a cat, called kitty Ah... i love myself right now
  6. teh, welcome to my world. like every page is blocked in my school, even google images. and all the proxy's. So, I try searching google for прокси and i get Russian and Bulgarian proxy's
  7. Can I PM you guys the email, and you can try?
  8. "Secret Question" LOL, in 2006, I hacked like 5 ppl from my school like that.
  9. Earlier this year, I sent my gf files of me singing Now, I wanna break up with her but the stupid bitch is blackmailing me saying that she'll show everyone the files that I sent her of me singing. She only has them in the email that I sent her. So, Im wandering if I can "Unattatch" the files from the hotmail, so she can't download them off there
  10. 444 seconds. I tried flying to the hills, and it went through and froze
  11. You can fly it there. If you know how to. It's hard, but it's possible.
  12. In Summer, I shower morning and night, coz its fucking hot but in winter, when I don't get sweaty or dirty.. once every 2 days. it's fucking cold
  13. I did it, once in 2006, but I just said it 3 times and didn't spin. Apparently, for it to work, you have to have killed someone, or someone died because of you, and then apparently it works
  14. .. so its just the person singing, and no music. Any programs for it?
  15. why are there 2 of these threads ontop of eachother?
  16. lol ya know how theres that UFO coffee bar thing in the desert? And there's a spinning space ship on a pole? If you can get a snap shot of just the UFO, with anything blocking the pole, like a truck, or cj, then you can fool people.. Just like I fooled my friend... and he actually believed me.
  17. Are people still complaining about no DLC for PS3? Just move on, play Saints Row 2, like I did.
  18. I was gonna buy it until my friend said it was the same as the first one. btw I'm back as macorules94
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