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  1. finally took off your hate list eh!

  2. I'm bi, and I've been bi from ever since I can remember
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuutgpppfLY
  4. Where can I buy Canned air? Apparently that takes out all the dust lol
  5. macorules94

    PS3 Broken

    Since when can the PS3 get the Yellow Light of Death? It happened to me today. In the PS3 manual, it says that it has over heated, and leave it to cool down. First of all, its freezing here, the whole day it's been raining, and I have never played my ps3 for more than 4 hours. (29.4.08) How the [hell] can it have over heated? So anyway, I let it cool off for an hour, so then it worked.... for 2 minutes. [Oh no] , I should have at least taken out the COD4 disc... So, people on the internet say that you have to pay like $150 if your out of warranty, mine ended Dec/2008. I think... Coz, when I got my ps3, (20/12/2007) the guy asked if i wanted an extended warranty for 3 years instead of one, now I don't remember if my dad did it... Is there any way to find out? I tried calling Sony, they fucking closed at 6pm and now its 7:30. Now I have to wait till Monday. [Help] me. [screw] Sony, [i hate] Microsoft, [please] cant they make something useful? [Oh dear]
  6. like, ya know Chris Brown - Forever, how he has those voice effects, are there any programs that do that?
  7. Well I got mine in 2007, 3 years after, and I was pretty happy coz i didn't have to rent it anymore. But, thanks to Chris, the disc is fucked haha
  8. So the game has been out for quite some time now, and i want to know. Did the game live up to its potential? What do you think will happen to CJ? How has this game affected lives? Were your predictions about the content fulfilled? What was your favorite myth? and generally how has the game impacted you? Did the game live up to its potential? No. What do you think will happen to CJ? I think he'll live happily ever after in SA. How has this game affected lives? It made my life a tad more fun, and less boring Were your predictions about the content fulfilled? Oh, the first time I heard about SA, in 2004, I didn't know it would have been this big, and good. I thought it was just a new VC or III What was your favorite myth? My favourite myth was definitely bigfoot. When I first heard about it in 2007, I spent HOURS in the woods looking for him. And I was pretty pissed finding out he was fake, coz I wasted so much time. and generally how has the game impacted you? Hmm.. same as the Q before, made my life funner, and I don't think I'll ever have the same experience again, unless R* make the next GTA with 4 cities, desert/country etc. full of content. San Andreas is still my favourite game. Too bad my disc is scratched, and I can't find it in stores anywhere.
  9. lol I used my phone, and then made the pics smaller Sony Ericsson F305
  10. OK, I was doing "Hating the Haters" and ya know how Well, that comet had Pearlescent/Indesescent paint on it. Dunno which one. Its Grey and Red/Orange-ish I have Pics here: This is the first time ive ever seen it.
  11. lol guys, I tried sandpaper, and it fucked it up bad. I have a sandpaper Machine, should I use that?
  12. I believe this is where you live, Steam
  13. Here are mine: 29 July 2008 24 August 2008 16 October 2008 24 October 2008 12 November 2008 4 January 2009 22 February 2009 26 March 2009 Post yours
  14. OMG I just HAD to vote for THIS one, for Grades 7-9. It Has the Macedonian flag, the Third Letter, second O Faarkk
  15. him trying to btw, raybob95, you dont have to quote
  16. Just call a taxi and skip the trip
  17. Meh, what do you expect from the world...
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