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  1. There aren't any in Adelaide and Hobart I hang around with aussies, all nationalities, but im just saying, when it comes to macedonian parties and shit, i have no one and yeh
  2. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html
  3. Well, in Perth, all the Macedonians are friends with Macedonians and when they go to Macedonian parties, or church for special occasions, they hang around with eachother. But I don't really know that much Macedonians that are my age, coz they all go to schools with tonns of Macedonians and shit and I go to a private school with like 1. There are like no Macedonians in Perth that are 15, well there are, and I know em but i dont know em if ya know what i mean. Mostly they are 14 and - or 16 and +. So, like, they are divided between the 14 and younger hang and them 16 + hang, and i'm like wtf, I know some my age, but they hang with the lil kids... and I seriously hate all the Macedonians in Australia, they act all gangsta and shit and its annoying, and yeh I always kinda feel left out and sometimes I just wanna run away somewhere alone.....
  4. хеј стеам Зашто Скопје не зградува големи големи големи 300 м зградови? Сега е много ружен Му треба два или три
  5. ^^^ LOL but after you feel sleepy
  6. ^ That was random lol. If you switch your computer to Macedonian, when you write YEH, it comes up with ЅЕХ Coz dz (Ѕ) is where the Y is, and E is E, and 'h' is Х
  7. lol, IMO my left leg looks smaller than my other
  8. :lolbounce: :lolbounce: hahaha LOL but how
  9. Actually they aren't skinny legs, As you can see, my arm is behind my back, and I'm pulling them to make them tight to look like skinnies xD
  10. Hey Steam Ya know Ѓупците in Macedonia? Or Aromanians. Are they a mixture of Macedonians and Romanians? coz on wikipedia it says Aromanians (Macedo-Romanians) So why do Macedonians call them Gypsies when they are Macedonian-Romanian? Or are they not...
  11. Yeh well I've never so I was wandering I heard that it's not the bone breaking that hearts, its the veins
  12. That is the stupidest thing I've heard I'm pretty sure it canes
  13. Never mind I found out how you change it.
  14. How do I change my Computer IP? Not the Modem/Router one..
  15. For me its NONE. How about you? Does it hurt?
  16. joined this forum in a odd year As did everyone so far on this page
  17. What did the Email say? PM me if you don't want it here
  18. I will definitely be buying it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuWqicsiTNI
  19. lol I'm IP banned everytime I go on www.gtaforums.com this comes up
  20. Ok, My youtube username is gtafan94 Look at how many gtafan's are on youtube: gtafan gtafan001 gtafan00 gtafan01 gtafan06 gtafan07 gtafan08 gtafan09 gtafan1 gtafan2 gtafan3 gtafan4 gtafan5 gtafan6 gtafan7 gtafan9 gtafan10 gtafan11 gtafan12 gtafan13 gtafan14 gtafan17 gtafan18 gtafan19 gtafan20 gtafan21 gtafan24 gtafan25 gtafan28 gtafan31 gtafan34 gtafan44 gtafan47 gtafan48 gtafan52 gtafan55 gtafan57 gtafan68 gtafan69 gtafan72 gtafan77 gtafan78 gtafan83 gtafan86 gtafan88 gtafan89 gtafan90 gtafan91 gtafan93 gtafan94 - Mine gtafan95 gtafan96 gtafan98 gtafan99 gtafan102 gtafan103 gtafan106 gtafan108 gtafan109 gtafan110 gtafan112 gtafan300 gtafan318 gtafan360 gtafan421 gtafan645 gtafan666 gtafan1985 gtafan1988 gtafan1989 gtafan1990 gtafan1995 gtafan1996 gtafan2000 gtafan2006 gtafan2007 gtafan2008 gtafan2009 gtafan3000 gtafan4888 gtafan5000 And thats where I stopped, but I bet there are wayy more lol
  21. ^Is a psychic, how did you know < Is about to have sexy time in the shower v Is a gangsta wannabe
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