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  1. lol It's shit, because we aren't in the European Union or in NATO. So, we are trying to get in it, but Greece won't let us, because "Macedonia is Greek". Thats why we go on and on about how it isnt, so we can get into the EU Union and NATO to make it a better country. And the people In Macedonia don't actually go on about all that stuff. They don't really care. Coz it's nothing to go on about it, to other people going on about it. It's just the Macedonians in Australia, and elsewhere in the world. And then there are people like you, that say it's shit, and then say we're all patriotism-ish. When we're only doing it, so Greece can grow a pear, and we can get into the EU Union and NATO, to make it a better fucking country lol :D
  2. LMFAO that shirt is terrible Where the hell did you get it? lol lol, its a jumper, it has a hoodie behind. The brand is "John Galliano" and here in Australia, thats an expensive brand, so, blame the Aussies! lol
  3. congrats steve wanna tell us about it?
  4. So are any of you guys gonna go to Macedonia ever?
  5. lol what? nah man they spam me
  6. The new profiles suck shit http://www.youtube.com/user/gtafan94 The old ones were better
  7. Welcome to the club! I spent hours looking for Leatherface and bigfoot in 2007
  8. Well now you know where to go for a holiday in Europe
  9. I rekon that the best coke is from mcdonalds even though its mixed with water, it tastes so fresh
  10. Oh mann, I remember when I went to Macedonia in 2000, the first thing I did, was go WOW at how sweet good the coke tasted. Staring at the hills in Vinica
  11. http://rapidshare.com/files/248027229/Voice-0016.amr.AMR open it with Quicktime or Realplayer 10 downloads, be quick
  12. lol, who's gonna wanna download this, unless they're Macedonian, which theres like, 3 ppl here, me you and Steam. Try a Macedonian forum
  13. ok, and if that doesnt work? lol. The retards at the shop where i got my old computer from, didnt give me an XP software disc, so now I can't install XP
  14. Look at this: It means that the Line in/Mic hole, has no jack for it, when it does. Bloody hell Vista is Fucked
  15. How do you unmute it? Vista has no volume control where you can choose the source, like XP. its just for the speakers. And if you click options, the only thing you can change it to is for extra speakers.
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