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  1. it is XP, & why is my hardware a problem?? im sure this pc has run xp b4, just with a diff gfx card
  2. nah, its legal, i got it whenthis pc was built
  3. i do have a CD, ive used it before, ive did it without getting stuck, it says, updating ESCD.... Boot from ATAPI CDROM..... Failure...
  4. i dont know ppl are looking at the same thing as me, its all ok, if its nice, i have chips & custard, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. well i have this computer, useless as shit, but i want it to work at least, it has windows already on the HDD, but how do overwrite that?? im sure you an just re-install windows on it, but i dont know how, if it helps, specs: 950 MHz P3 (OC'd from 750 MHz) 256 MB or ram (did have 320 MB, but the other chip failed) 128 MB nvidia geforce FX 5200 (it works because stuff comes up on screen, but if it matters, i have a 16MB ATi Rage 128 pro) some maxtor 20GB HDD (i know it works, because it comes up on the hardware list when i start up the pc) 3 disc drives (only 1 plugged in) DVD Drive (plugged in) lite-on CD-RW drive samsung CD Drive
  6. i only watch SentUAMessage on inside xbox, if that counts
  7. undercover has been watching too much kath & kim ps3 mandatory installations knowing even the slightest thing is a crime being at college
  8. awesome! something to keep my GTA3 alive! i cant wait, best of luck, and welcome to TGTAP
  9. map.zip ok, i need it testing by someone other than my stupid friends lol, its just a little island that adds on from ocean beach, ive added my custom textures too, but i dont think they're needed, except from the radar mod, that helps you find the island itself, ive added a gta_vc.dat with the IPL reference included, i would like to hear feedback and where i did good and where i did bad, EDIT: its best you start at the ocean beach hotel to find it, because the radar marker dont show up in the pause menu, only on the in-game radar thanks
  10. have u even played TLAD? maybe you should wish for a xbl account, cuz i know u have a 360, at least 40 missions decent sized missions thats all i ask for The Lost and Damned in general to me was just a piece of trash. You couldn't change your clothes , the Army helicopter in Multiplayer feemode was removed , there was only a few missions, the game was buggy as hell. But its still worth it for buying it. And yes I have played it. But not from my account... From my new girlfriend is a GTA Fanboy oh? youve played it, ok i thought you were just tryin to find an excuse for being a 'stupid ps3 fanboy' lol its only an add-on not a full retail game, the only thing that disappointed me was the length
  11. my pc, not built by me, by my girlfriend, cuz i suck at computers, mine is for demanding games, fast internet surfing and modding, does what its supposed to do hardware: AMD Phenom Quad 2.8 GHz 6 GB RAM Nividia Geforce 9800GT 1GB running windows xp x64 sp3
  12. A-G-R-E-E-D! but i think alot of people are missing the fact its only an add-on pack, not a whole new game
  13. have u even played TLAD? maybe you should wish for a xbl account, cuz i know u have a 360, at least 40 missions decent sized missions thats all i ask for
  14. happy 20th noru, hope you get wasted pretty good
  15. lets be precise '23' new missions, but a bunch of AWESOME new weapons, and the new hakuchou bike is mega brilliant! and the new gang war missions are THE BEST, better than SA, that sucked, it was a little short that annoyed me, but it was definatly worth my £14, but if the storyline is gonna be that short in ep. 2 then i aint gonna bother
  16. i dont know if ill be gettin this since i completed TLAD in under 7 hours and it was sed for it to be 10-14 hours long i doubt itll come out then anyway
  17. it dont, but i dont like it, uses too much resources, you need at least 2 GB to it to run properly, but its great, but i wouldnt use it personally
  18. \Your, PSPS are messed up then, mine lets me play around the world o.O i was playing with some guy in toronto an im in welland.. There is no Playstation network on the PSP. Since when did they make a PSP with online play? SINCE WHEN? Show us a source to prove it some PSP games DO have online play, but not GTA, and PSP DOES have PSN but you can only access the PS store for demos and PS1 games and stuff
  19. The 9800GT is not mid-range. It's better than the 8600GT, which is the reccomended requirement and will run the game fine at medium settings. The 9800GT is about equivalent to my graphics card, an ATi 3850, which runs the game absolutely fine. The fact that he has 1gb of video memory is an added bonus. Well, it really qualifies as mid-range for new cards, because there are many worse cards, (e.g. ATI Radeon 3450, NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT, etc.) and there are many better cards. (e.g., NVIDIA GTX-Series, NVIDIA 9800GTX, ATI 4 Series) haha, after all your arguing bout my card being shitty, i got a phenom quad 2.7 GHzcpu instead of my xeon quad, now my game runs at 47-55 fps on most things highest, with the exception of texture quality, shadow density and vehicle density, so my card is more than good for this game, it was my cpu's fault
  20. i hate chavs too, but they're speech is funny, 'oi miss, this man is rolling a burn in class, beast him!' on topic: so what if he likes xbox, he is a fucking asshole though, i agree on that, but if he wants to enjoy a 360 let him, you cant stop him, but i wish i could stop his music
  21. GTA IV just seems like the most fun for me, i had more fun on that 1 day, then i had on any other gta of all time
  22. played the demo, didnt really like it much, so im not gonna buy it, but then again, i never really liked halo altogether, but i thought cuz it was an rts game i might like it, i wud prefer a crysis rts, i wud get that, but not halo, halo sux
  23. A pedophile using an underage person for sex. No moral issues there..... none that i can see LOL A pedophile using an underage person for sex. No moral issues there..... none that i can see haha, but im sure #69 aint like that tho:P No... Of course not... But nah seriously, I aint, anywho it's all done with now so thats that I guess... very true, life goes on
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